Driver App Login - Drivers can View Orders, Get Directions, Navigate and Mark Order as Delivered

Driver App Login - Drivers can View Orders, Get Directions, Navigate and Mark Order as Delivered

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Driver Login Addon for our Restaurant and Takeaway Solution Only

Driver Login Addon – Drivers can View Orders, Get Directions, Navigate and Mark Order as Delivered

Please note that this Driver Login Addon will only work with our Restaurant and Takeaway Solution. It is not meant to work with any other App or System.

This easy to install addon allows you to give a better experience to your customers by professional Driver and Delivery Management. It includes the following features:

  • Secure Driver Login
  • Manage Drivers from Takeaway Admin
  • Choice to show all orders or only orders assigned to drivers
  • Drivers can see only today’s orders
  • Drivers can contact customers
  • Drivers can get directions and navigate to customer address
  • Drivers can mark order as delivered
  • Easy to install plugin
  • Demo

    The driver login demo can be seen on the Order Center App. Please select the Driver Login button and use the following details to login as a driver:
    Username: 01234567890
    Password: 123456

    Plugin Installation

    You will need to purchase our Restaurant & Takeaway App for this plugin to work.
    Once you have fully set up the Order Center App, simply replace the files in the Order Center folder with the files with this addon. Thats you done!

    If you have made changes to the order center app, and do not wish to replace the whole folder, you can simply replace these 3 files from the driver plugin in the below path in Order Center Owner App:
    Files to replace:,,
    Copy files from: Driver Plugin Foler > src > app > login >
    Paste files to: Order Center Project Folder > src > app > login >

    *Please note that you are purchasing the CODE ONLY. Support is not included for FREE. Though we try our best to help you as much and as quickly as we can, please appreciate that offering support on a one to one basis requires time and effort and hence we charge for any support you many need. All the documentation, demo, screenshots etc are available to view before you make a purchase. There are NO REFUNDS once you have purchased and downloaded the codes.

    To see the Driver Login in action, please see the demo from the links below:

    Need Customisation or Paid Support?

    • Please note that the price is for CODES ONLY and no FREE support is included with the price.We hope you would appreciate that offering FREE support at this price is not possible. We offer all kinds of PAID support including server setup, installation, debugging etc. Please test the demo provided before making any purchase.

    Thanks for your time and interest in our product.