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Wish this was compatable with iPad. Some jquery is, not sure why.


I like your script! :)

It would be perfect if there were a compressed version (xxx.min.js).

Do You think that it is possible ?

Thanks !


Run it through closure: http://closure-compiler.appspot.com/home and save the result as drift.min.js

following on from what rez said – iphone and droid so needs something like this!

might use this on my next project!

instead of been “X” pixels from top can it be “X” pixels from the bottom?


can i apply this effect on 2 div ? For example, i want to add this effect both on the cart and the nav…


Yes, you can.

Say I have a large header, and large footer and only want the sidebar to animate scroll in the main middle content area but stop once it gets to the footer (so it doesn’t animate over the footer), will this do that? Like will it stay contained in its div or what?

I want to make sure before I buy this.

Just trying to get an answer to my question…

you mention “You can decide the bounds of the drifter. Where it goes, how it goes, and how fast it goes. Everything is configurable.”

Can you set a container div for it to not go past that?

Sorry about the lateness.. I’ve been abroad so it’s been difficult to attend to this site.

What you want to do is possible. When you download it, in the documentation you’ll see that one of the options, “maxOffsetTop” allows you to define how far the element can drift. So, if you want it to stick to the confines of a “container” element, this should work:

var container = $('#container'),
    sidebar = $('#sidebar');
    maxOffsetTop: container.offset().top + container.outerHeight() - sidebar.outerHeight()

What the code does: to calculate the max distance from the top of the page the element can drift we need to grab the topOffset of the container, add it’s height (now we have the pixel distance to the bottom of the container, then minus the sidebar’s height. It’s not perfect but it should work for your purposes. Try it out :)

Could you confirm this possible bug?

maxOffsetTop doesnt work when mode is set to static?

At least that’s what im encountering.

Bought this but having some trouble getting it to work. Followed all instructions but there must be some type of conflict. I’ve messaged the author through CodeCanyon and his own personal website with no response in a week. Hoping he can come through for me on this.

HELLO, CAN YOU HELP ME? I can not run your script. I’m not experimented… I need a really basic example to help me understand. Or examples of websites that work with “Drift”. I just would like a box with a jpeg image can follow the scroll of my page. Thank-you Nicolas

Well done, keep going!