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Dear Author. 1. Can I change the time countdowns display from show only “number of day” to ” Number of day/hour/minutes”? 2. Did you have an app demo on app store? Thank you.

Good day! For all the technical questions we have support service. Thank you.

Hello, we are adding events Where Have demo app store

Good night, app on approve in Apple. Thanks

Very well done. 5 stars. Can you tell me if delete is available for events added?

Goodnight. Remove any event can be on the card events. A few days ago I will release an update where the event can swipe to remove from the event list. If you write me a ticket in the support, then I will immediately send an update without waiting for approval envato (usually approval takes 4-5 days). Thank you very much for your positive feedback, I tried very hard.

Thank you. update

You are welcome. The update is only upload on codecanyon, he has not yet passed the approval envato ( 2-3 day). Thanks

There are like 60 errors will the update fix them ?

Good evening.

1) For all technical questions we have support service. http://help.appteve.com

2) Write a new ticket and attach screenshots of the error.

3) Update the development environment to the latest – it is necessary! I am sure that you have opened a project in the old version of the development environment.

Thank you.

For application development we do not recommend using a beta version of the program, only the current version – this is important !!!

Can you explain this feature: export events to calendar?

Good day. All events are you doing in this application, you can export your calendar in your device. You just press the button “Export” and all the events are duplicated in your default calendar. Thank you.

hi does this have admob interstitial enabled?

How many screens do you do with the show interstitial

any two screen would do :)

You buy the app, please write in support of the new ticket, specify on which screen to change advertising and under what user actions. Do not forget to specify the license code in order to get support and download the video tutorial. Within 48 hours we will make the new code. Thanks

compile error in all swift files xcode 7.2

Good morning! Please carefully read the product description. Sometimes we write there are very important things that affect the application development environment. We have already mentioned in the comments that develop applications only for the current version of the development environment. Today, this is the version 7.3. Apple has updated the code Swift language. Now, current Swift 2.2 Update your version of the development environment.


How can I write a description, price & add URLs for the event?

Good day.

If you need a custom application for the sale of tickets for the event, please contact the support. This app is for other purposes.

Thank you.

Hey, is this code universal? Does it work on iPad and supports iOs 9.3.x?

Good day!

The app made for iPhone. It works on all models of smartphones. It works on all models of iPad mode – 1x, 2x. It works on all devices with OS version 8.x – 9.x. IDE Xcode 7.3

Thank you


I Want to buy this code. Looking Nice. I have some doubts pls answer me.

1. 64 Bit Support

2. I need code without ads and without InAppPurchsase Can u provide?

3. New to swift? Can i upload ?

Good day!
Thank you for interested in our product.
1) Yes
2) Yes. Write to support, this question can be solved.
3) Settings documentation include

Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Hello, Great App ! Did you develop the same version for Android ? Thanks

Good evening.
We do not have plans to make this app for android version. We will think about it.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

Did you have an app demo on app store?

We do not publish a demo app in appstore.
Descriptions, videos, screenshots, is enough to understand how the application works.
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

is this app working in iOS10? Then I purchase right away.

Good day.
Yes, app support Xcode 8.1 Swift 2.3
After purchase create new ticket in support site, we send you new app version.
Regards, Appteve

Hello, After a update of Xcode, your script not working again. Can you tell me how i can resolve this problem ? Thanks

Good day.
For all technical questions we have support site.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Unfortunately we don’t provide support in the comments and via email.
Just carefully read the support rules Envato: https://codecanyon.net/page/item_support_policy
Kind regards, Appteve Dev

did u upgrade the app for xocode 9 and iOS 11?

When you will update for xcode 9 and iOS 11 and iPhone x ? and any new features so apple will approve

kindly update the app for iOS 11 and xcode 9.Regards

when the update is coming?

Support Xcode8 Swift 3?

Did you update your code for iOS 11 and Xcode 9 so I can buy ?