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It is tap to fill the color ?

Hi, It’s a drawing app, not a colouring app. You can check out the apk. Thanks for the question.

It is an easy to add images ?

Hi, The template comes with 10 part video tutorial that shows everything you need to modify the template. The process of adding your own images is very easy.

can i use Eclipse to reskin ?

Hi, The template is for Android Studio which is the current and most updated IDE for android. Eclipse is out dated and is not efficient to build for any more. Thanks

When I try to extract it says “app-release.apk”: file is corrupt.

Is the app broken?

Hi, thanks for the comment. I am investigating the issue. Are you using the latest version of android studio? Also can you run the app on the emulator? Thanks

Getting error in extraction, ! Checksum error in C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIa0.740\AndroidDrawingApp.zip. The file is corrupt

Hi, thanks for letting me know. Just submitted a new copy and it’s waiting for approval. You should be getting an email when it’s available for download.

hey,friend I want a financial recovery,Now the application does not work in eclipse

Hi, as it is mentioned in the listing, this is a template for Android Studio. Eclipse is a very old IDE that is no longer used widely for Android development. You can download Android Studio with the latest SDK to use the template. Thanks

no my friend sorry but .I work in eclipse I can not so I want it restored money

Hey, I had a look and I am not sure if there is a way to refund the orders. I think you need to contact envato to do that. Let me know how it goes.


The finished images in your demo .apk are not saving to the device. Why is this? I cannot use this if this function isn’t working.


Can I change the number of categories in folder ‘aimages’ and number of steps in each drawing? Do I have to update the code anywhere if I change these?

Thanks. Tried emailing you and messaging but no response? Hope to hear back from you here.

Hi, thanks for the comment and questions. :) Do you get an error when you try to save the file? It could be due to older or not compatible android versions out there. About the categories, you can reduce or increase the number of categories by simply adding or removing folders inside aimages’ which hold each categories content. You don’t need to update the code as the App automatically reads the content and adjusts everything automatically. Sorry about not getting back to you, it seems like that I haven’t received your previous email for some reason.

Thanks for your reply. I do not get an error- the image simply does not save to anywhere on the device (Android 4.0). This is using your demo .apk found here on your product page.

Great thing to know about the categories (I am assuming this applies to the number of steps as well.) :-)

Hello- Can you please address the problem with the image not saving to the device?

hi you can add button to switch on / off : the painter ?

Hi Mardox, Could you please provide apk for demo please? Thank you.

wher are you? why didnt answer questions?

Plz send me demo link, the link provide have blank nothing there