Discussion on Draw Bridge Puzzle, Car Bridge (complete unity Game +unity ads+ GDPR)

Discussion on Draw Bridge Puzzle, Car Bridge (complete unity Game +unity ads+ GDPR)

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Do in-app purchases mean in-apps in the Google Play Store? Can it be purchased on other platforms?

no, but In-app purchasing (IAP) will only be functional on mobile platforms since the (IAP SDK) is designed for mobile use. thanks

Is this just for android? How is the benefit realized?

Hello there! You have the choice to build it for other platforms that are compatible with Unity. Thank you.

Is there any other way to get income out of advertising?

Regarding advertising, the ads will only function on mobile platforms. In the case that you would like to target other platforms, some adjustments may be required for components such as advertisements, in-app purchases, and resolution. thanks

Hi, i would like to choose ADMOB instead of Unity ADS, is it possible?

hi, for now, it’s only Unity ads available, but we’ll add AdMob in features updates, thanks

This app project requirements?

The game was developed with Unity 2020.3.27f1. so you need to use Unity 2020.3.27f1, or higher. You can download Unity for free.

Hello, is there changelog for the latest update? Thanks

hi sebicek9547, the update is on the editor version required to open the project. we change the project version from 2020.3.11f1 to 2020.3.27f1 or newer. some users had some issues building for API 32 and 33 on android with the old version, thanks.

ptoone Purchased

Getting an error that says the API used is outdated and cannot be uploaded. Is there a recent update to this? There are also many outdated modules with the app that are no longer supported.

can you be specific about which sdk is no longer working? which market you’re uploading to?, cuz everything seems great here !!!

and which outdated modules do you mean, bro you even didn’t contact us !!!

this is no how it works, you can contact us at: and describe more

Hello, I have purcahsed Car Draw game. But when I open project in unity every time i get popup ( Enter in safe mode ). used the same editor that was suggested in discription.

(Version code: Unity 2020.3.11f1)

hi, please contact us at : for best support, and please can you describe more, is this happend only first time? or all the time ? thanks, waiting for your email.

Hi Sir, could you please add admob? Thank you!

Hi thanks for your comment, maybe I’ll add it in the next update (not sure). So check it again next week. If you have any other questions please let me know, Thanks

That’s great! Thank you, I will wait for it.

hi can i integrate admob ads instead of unity ads

hi glitterin,if you’re good at programming yes you can

Hi. I have never buy a app. What is monthly fee for run this app in Playstore? I have admob and Google Playconsole.

what do you mean by monthly fee? you only need to buy the game once, then you’ll be able to upload it to google play.

to discuss more, please contact us at


How I can activate coins and cars purchaseimg function? Do you support with it?

hi brother, what do you mean by activating coins?, the coins system is already integrated, and the player could buy coins using IAP (in-app purchasing) and can earn coins too when playing, so those coins can be used to unlock cars. everything is activated, you need only to copy the IAP id to your google play console. brother, you can contact me at, and you can explain and talk more about what you want!. thanks

new update(28/06/2022) version 2.0, what’s new? :

  • GDPR panel (add GDPR panel to the game).
  • Coins system (add coins system when the player can earn coins, and those coins can be used to Unlock cars).
  • the ability to buy Coins (IAP Coins).
  • make the game more difficult (It’s getting hard).
  • change some UI panels
  • add new UI Animation (panels).
  • change the documentation to match other modifications.

Available reskin service?

Check Gmail

Answered, check your email.

Thanks for quick response

Helo, what license that would allow me to upload this game to google play?

hi codefactorio, Regular License then you are able to upload it on google play.

Shall we integrate Google admob to this? also is there way we can add more difficulty to the levels?

The unity version used is Unity 2020.3.11f1, so you need this version or later versions. there is no music in the background we’ve added sound effects to the car, and UI clicks. Thanks

Thanks also I have played the demo version many levels are repetitive the same levels are coming again

you could see the same level design (“combination”) twice at most, but you’ll never see the same level repeated with the same objects, e.g. (never see levels with the same ground underground) the game levels are different. by the way, you could change levels or add more, we’ve explained how to do that, video’s link is in the item description.


All games are very beautiful I bought two games And it has excellent and fast support

thank you so much, I appreciate that, This motivates us to give more and do our best in upcoming projects. thank you, have a nice day.

I’m waiting for you to come up with more games

i’m glad to hear that, stay tuned.

Are admob ads present in the app?

Hi alssade14, contact us on: and explain more,with screenshot of what you have ,we will help ,thanks

Please reply to the email

I replied check your email, thanks.

level 43 crash, how to fix that?

hi ovenk ,the level you mentioned works perfectly here, can you please contact us on: and explain more,with screenshot of what you have ,we will help ,thanks

Great work! Good luck with sales! :grin:



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