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Nice gallery idea.

Thanks Valiano!

Kind and motivating words from a Slider lover! =)

This is very nice, love the idea. Good luck with sales!

Thank you, I really appreciate the comments! Glad to read that people got it as a good idea, in some way this script was developed for developers, specially people that’s developing for mobile devices, here’s a new demo: http://development.davoscript.com/dragpic/mobile/

Best Regards, David.

Very nice gallery. How can I make the images link to a web page?

Sorted it. I added the following code to the img tag: onMouseUp=”javascript:window.location=’http://www.yourwebsite.com’;”

ukcampbell: would work too.

Also, if you are using InfoPanel or Tooltips you can include the link in the ALT attribute, linke this:

<img title="Image Title" src="your_image.jpg" alt="<a href='http://yourlink.com'>Link to the image</a>" />

Best Regards, thanks for your time. David.

is there a wordpress version of this? i think this is the only vertical touch slider there is. Would be great if I could use this to populate recent posts, or post types/categories…

the demo here looks awesome.

(1) Does this script works with html or php (index.php)

(2) Can the pictures be updated online?

(3) Can different gategories be made

Thank you