Dragon Shadow Warriors - Complete Unity Project

Dragon Shadow Warriors - Complete Unity Project


A new offline combat action game just arrival: Dragon Shadow Warriors.  The best arcade game of 2018 and promising to create a major earthquake on Google Play. This is an infinity battle between ⚔️ God ⚔️ and ☠ Devil ☠ in shadow shape. The dark is coming, our world is calling for a super hero who can fight for justice, to bright up the hope in the darkness and save the Earth.

In the fate battles, our super hero has to defeat shadow zombies, monsters and big death bosses to move forward. The legend warriors can call the support from super dragon after collect special ball around the world. Gather the best heroes together and equip the special items to make them stronger. ​

Your shadow enemies are more and more dangerous after each level with different hidden kung fu skills. Remember to upgrade your hero skills and make sure they learn enough skills for new battle. Precious skills can be unlocked after your hero reach to certain level. Some mystery ninja skills like tornado jump may also be useful in fierce battles.​


* Use combo attack to damage in wide range.
* Transform to critical state to increase your power and health.
* The shadow boss fighters are dangerous, avoid direct damage from them.
* Collect the magic materials to craft rare items. 
* Fulfill your power and energy after a long shadow war.
* Upgrade the skills to level 1,2,3, 4 or more to become stronger .
* Your support items can also be upgraded to higher levels.





  • ​Details tutorial guide from a to z how to play​.
  • Transform hero to critical state like a super saiyan in ssj levels​.
  • Hero super skills: dragon call, lighting power, ball blast ring, magic punch​.
  • 8 demon death bosses in two planets.
  • Packed with 120+ levels with a lot of challenges​.
  • Black market selling rare materials with surprise price​.
  • Inventory to store your assets​.
  • Daily reward and mystery treasures​.
  • Nice graphics, rich interesting features.​
  • In-app purchases​.
  • Ad Admob.
  • Support control for Android and IOS.
  • Support 64 bit application building​.​