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You have APK demo?

I have updated the game along with video demo, which will be available in some time.

The video preview is now available.

This code is for ios. But since its made in cocos2d-x it has a proj.android included in it but you will have to make a few changes.

Please provide line link from iOS AppStore..so that I can play and check.

I have not Uploaded it on appStore But the video Preview of game is available now.

Can I use sound and image in the game?

This looks like “Dragon Jump” released by Ketchapp on Jun 18, 2015. Did you work on their app? Do we have to re-skin because of this? Also, is your code localized for different languages?

As mentioned, It is a dragon jump template and you will have to reskin it. Game is made with Cocos2dx and Xcode using c++ language.

What’s the purpose of the coins? I don’t see in-app purchases in the video demo? Lastly, how many bosses are there in the game?

There is one boss only, you get a coin when you hit the boss…the purpose is to use them for more characters unlocking in case you plan to implement that in the game).

Great. Many thanks for the quick responses.

If Anyone wants a complete reskin of the game, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my Email.

Thank you.

Is this game complete enough and works bug free to upload it to appstore?.

It is complete and bug free.

Why does xcode quits unexpectedly when i try to run the project??? please help i just bought this template today!

It should not , It works fine actually. check with your system .

Hello . this source do not support another text. can the text change to image file? p.s : tap to play. good bye .etc. Thank you

I will help you through skype, Send me an email of this issue on the email id provided on the profile page. With you skype ID.

Hello, I just bought the app and loaded it into Xcode. After doing this I tried to make a build of the app to see it, but then around 500 errors showed up and the app won’t even start up without crashing on the emulator. I need help, thank you

add me to skype: yasiqb7


Kadedd Purchased

hello I found an error in the code of the game I buy from you : ARC Weak References Cannot create _weak reference in file using manual reference counting Appirater.m ( __weak static id<AppiraterDelegate> _delegate; )