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how do you determine which directory the images will upload to?

You specify it in the settings. By default it assumes it’ll use a “tmp” directory.

It’s such a pretty script and I think it will make you happy in sales.
I would like to ask 4 questions please.
1. After I set the upload directory to a folder, whenever I open the script will it list me the images inside that folder?
Or each time it will just show me the images which I upload in that session?
2. Does it use any library which can cause trouble (interference) in a website loading jQuery?
3. Is it lite? Whats the total size of the script?
4. Looks like it doesn’t need a database. Correct?

I’m dealing with a website needs daily image management, I would like to try this to make things easy. And if you accept a wish list for professional needs, I’d like to share my opinions.
  1. Option to support folders. I mean it will list even folders in upload directory, when you click on a folder, it will start to list images inside it and upload to there also
  2. Adding option to resize pictures (in simple way)
  3. Adding option to enlarge images when you click on them (preview)
  4. Asking to verify before delete from [x] button
  5. Also option to “do not ask before delete” setting (saving just per session)
  6. Multiple seclection with CTRL button and letting to delete all selected images with dragging out of space
The last 3 is for people need for bulk management. But first 3 is like a standart in a image manager.
Hope you to have good sales. Me also in list ;)

Thanks for the complements. Here are the answers… 1. The script will always have a list of the images that get dropped into the drop area. To access the list of images, simply call the scripts public variable “_collection”. You’ll have to see the reference manual for specifics.

2. It doesn’t use any 3rd party libraries. And it’s totally jquery Free.

3. The script is very small. Only 16.5Kb

For your “wishlist”, just pm me and let’s chat :)

what will be the price for an extended license?

As far as I know, there’s no extended license offered. You may want ot inquire with codecanyon on this.

Hi, this script looks great. Before I buy I would just like to ask a few things please?

I currently use html5 with php for a similar thing but it doesn’t look as pretty as yours but I need to make sure I will be bale to do the same thing. I use php sessions to determine the user logged in and then send the file to a folder on the server for that person, renaming the image as it goes. I don’t have a problem writing this php but I just need to know that php can be used with this script in this way.


Yes but you’ll have to of course set your php somewhere so Javascript can pick it up. This supports unique IDs so you can distinguish between various sessions.

Nice Work! GLWS!

Thank you st1s. If you like it, please leave a rating for it :)

Hello sir/Madam, I have purchased drag-n-drop plugin. It seems that most of things are not kept simple, like, I am not able to post some more data with the ajax request while uploading any file. I need it because, Some frameworks like laravel need token to be posted with the any post request and I am not finding any option to post any extra field while uploading file. Thanks,

Ok thanks got this, One thing more How to get response of the successfull upload I saw ‘_callbackUpload’ option but success response is never returned. I tried sending json with [status’ => ‘success’] ,[“success”],’success’ also but nothing seems to be working. Thanks

Hi sorry for the late response. Actually, you’re implementing it incorrectly. The “_callbackUpload” is just an internal reference under the dndBulkUploaderSettings. So if you set a function there, it’ll return an object containing information on the file that was uploaded. If it fails, the callback will never file. The other option is passing “callbackUpload” (without the underscore) directly as an option in the instantiation. Such as…..

var dnd1 = new dndBulkUploader(‘dndArea’, { callbackUpload : function® { console.log(‘upload msg: ’, r); } });

Hope that helps

Oops, I meant to say… “If it fails, the callback will never fire”