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Wow I am the first to comment here. Yippie.

Where is the wordpress version ?

I will try to make that as soon as I get some free time

Thanks Dilab!. Absolutly awesome. Had this up and running in under 2 minutes.. At $4 you are selling yourself way to short.

I rate this little beauty of a script 10/10. I just can’t thank you enough, this is gonna be a massive seller for you.


Thank you very much

Just a quick update.

This works great in Firefox but in I.E. 7 does’nt work at all, Just upgraded to I.E. 8 and it works fine.

I know a lot of users use I.E.7 as this was included with Vista Machines.

I still love this script though :)

Just fixed the IE7 issue and submitted to CodeCanyon for approval. Please download version 1.1 when it is approved! :)

How does this differ from: Drag to Share ??

Demo not work please set!


Since it is a JS application. We prefer not to set a live demo. You can check out the screencast. http://www.screenr.com/ZzL

Cheers Xu

Looks very promising, All the best.