Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Layout/Website Builder CMS

Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Layout/Website Builder CMS


WYSIWYG Drag and Drop Page Layout Builder CMS is simple CMS for users who want to quickly design static pages. Static in the sense that it will simply display content that has been saved in the database and not including any special processing or manipulation of the data or plugins.

It is literally WYSIWYG  :)

The CMS will make it easier for one to set up an entire website in 15minutes or less if one already has the content and as an idea of how the design should look like. The layout builder has over 200 pre-set components that the user can simply drag and drop.


  1.  A WYSIWYG layout builder that will enable a user build robust pages without requiring any programming knowledge or technical inclination.
  2. User management system for both backend access and front end access for restricted pages.
  3. Menu manager to add and rearrange menu items on the front page
  4. User Access Control System to group different users and assign them different
  5. Admin can grant or deny users access to different parts of the system.
  6. Secure Password recovery system.
  7. Responsive design for both backend and front end
  8. Implemented using HMVC hence easy to extend.
  9. Google analytics ready.
  10. Page management system that can be linked to static content.
  11. Validation of inputs

Admin Credentials

Admin URL:

Demo User Username:
Demo User Password: password

The above accounts shouldn’t be edited. All data entered will be removed in a day or two.

Support and Documentation

Please drop us a line on with any questions you may have, full documentation is included with the script to help you with your projects.

At the moment I can take a few cutomization projects or if you would like me to make a plugin or widget for your own project.