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Hey, you can tell how to add a button add to the end of the sheet in 1 click. I replace class=”htmlpage” to class=”htmlpage” id=”IZIBRIZI” And jsfunction document.getElementById(‘IZIBRIZI’).innerHTML += ’...’; But it is not active, you cannot add items. All units are blocked. Please help.

why you have change this code?

auto add row col12 (NEW LIST) i this convert to pdf and explode to row(LIST) 1 page pdf.

i dont understand sorry…

hi! is there a way to limit the window size? ie. i need to display for 1920×1080 screens only.

if not, is there a way to limit the layout (and the layout sizes) to only a few ones pre designed by me? i mean, the user select a layout and then he drops widgets to the layout.


uhmn, limit in view mode or when edit?

both dude.. thanks

uhmn, i think is not possible

Nice job. Any word on when the new components are going to be included and what these will be?


Can i use your plugin in .Net projects.

Hi, I want to embed this in my form to save output into database? any ideas? thanks

it’s very simple.


                     <div class="modal-body" id='sourceCode'>
                            Are you sure? 
                            <form action="../savefromgrid.php" method="post">
                            <input type="hidden" name="page" value="<?php echo $page;?>">
                            <textarea name="contenutohtmlpulito" id="src" style="display:none" rows="1"></textarea>
                            <textarea name="contenutohtml" id="model" rows="1" style="display:none" class="form-control"></textarea>
                            <button type="submit" class="btn btn-success" id="srcSave"><i class='fa fa-save'></i> Save</button>








insert into table() values('$contentpulito');


I installed the application “as-is”, chmod the “tmp” directory to 777 and created a sample page.

I tried to save but it does not save anything. – The initial issue was that the server had a “modsecurity” error so I placed it on a domain with this option disabled.

Still unable to save. Since I also purchased the “email” editor I assumed that the variable “path” in your index.php file would work in a similar fashion so I added the extra path. Still I am unable to save.

The “interesting” thing is that there no error nor warning in the log files whatsoever.

I would appreciate your help on this.


at this point send me link to view

Hello, My name is Damien and I am a php developper from France. I would like to integrate your system into specific backend of my own. So my 2 questions are:
  • how much would you charge to produce an Arabic compliant version of your system?
  • Can we easily add some components of my own? For example I would like to add dynamic field coming from a database.

THX for your fast answer Damien

When you add an image how can center the image? There is no option too.

add to future release

Hello, When I am try to changes any property of component and click on ” Apply changes ”, nothing will heppen and give me below error.

Error : ReferenceError: event is not defined if ($(”.mce-window”).length) {

//app.js (line 551, col 1)

Can you please needful?

i cannot help you if locally

Okay.let me deploy on server. But if its possbile to add with ace editor then really helpful for me.

in future release i can try to add.

Ciao, ho notato che quando carico un html precedentemente salvato dentro l’editor non funziona il drag & drop, devo prima iniziare il trascinamento di una colonna per poter poi inserire un elemento nella pagina. Non riesco a capire dove sblocchi l’inserimento degli elementi

cè una funzione che chiama gli elementi… è online che vedo io?

hai un PM grazie:)


I just found style_html function in app.js. Is there reverse function of style_html?.

Using this function. I can build component using code.

uhmn, in what sense?

In current senario, when i click on Save at that time style_html remove all move , cancel and other buttons.

In same way I want to add move, cancel and other drag & drop button when window load .

Example :

It will add :

<input value=”12” class=”form-control” type=”text”>

Hello, I would like to know if you have the option to “edit” page. The page “save” worked well, but the page “edit” to try to save in the database shows me error. Thanks. Andrea

dear Andrea. there are 2 version of div.

the first it’s the content to save in db to show corect bootstrap rendering the second the content to save in db to re-edit the content. this version contain all class necessary to editor for work correctly

dear Andrea. there are 2 version of div.

look this image

the first it’s the content to save in db to show corect bootstrap rendering the second the content to save in db to re-edit the content. this version contain all class necessary to editor for work correctly

Yes,,I purchased the product and simply extracted it into a localhost dev environment. When the script starts it fires this error (and it fires this same exact error on the demo on this site)

ReferenceError: event is not defined if ($(”.mce-window”).length) { app.js (line 551, col 1)

I can add elements, edit them etc. but when I fire the save button I get another fatal js error

ReferenceError: event is not defined if ($(”.mce-window”).length) { app.js (line 551, col 1)

The save preview popup comes up. But when I try to save it fires the same error, and the function which fires the post does not fire. (because this is a fatal error).

Usually these sorts of event errors are caused by jquery version problems. Which version of bootstrap and jquery is this script written to work with. Or could you please patch the code and send us an update?

I redownloaded the file. Ran a diff on the code.. Its the same as what I have.

The file name codecanyon-13670257…. is the same..

If you have a different version you can contact me on my web site. via the contact form and I’ll send my email address so you can send me a file direct to make sure I’m getting your current version. I have a feeling the distribution file on this is not current. If you’re not having errors, and your code inits then something is different. If I even copy and paste the output from your widet into the htmpage div to see if I can initialize saved content. It does not add the classes and run the init function that adds the editor classes. The code cleans on out put (the save button still doesn’t fire the save event.. I put a console.log call there to see it it fires.. I does not). But the function prepareEditor() never fires

now i send you a video with my test

is it possible to install in a subdirectory?

when opening there are too many redirection occurred….

have you set the path?

which file I should enter the special path?

wait a moment. do you have a htaccess?

Hi, do you think it is possible to use this in a way where i can create templates for my members to use and load up inside this app so they can add content only and save to either a html page or a pdf document?

yes but the template must be a classes to edit the content egual at classes used in the editor to edit the content.

[linkversioneonline] text is a special word. you cannot change

In the documentation there is a section about loading already saved content:

Can i re-edit the templates stored? It’s possible. You can load (or copy/paste) “tmp/xxxxx.html” in the following div …

located in index.php file.

When I put the previously generated content in the file, the sections are not editable. I can add new content, but not edit the existing.

Am I missing something?

you have 2 versions of html file. one version to use as public html without classes and div used to work with the editor and a a version to use for re-edit the content. what version you are using?

Is there any way to set html elements to my own elements? I want to use your script to build ebay template, so each html element it will be a part of my template. Can i do that?

ok, it’s possible in this case

And how it works? My templates works with tables. Can i change layouts to tables instead of bootstrap layout? How can i modify html elements to my own?

i cannot help you in this modify


We need to know , if you can provide us code for version.

Regards Shyam

i’m sorry but i don’t know .net

Hello,, I am interesting to this drag and drop builder. I have tried it but when i try to save the template that i have build the button save not working. Can you expain why? I want to see how it save. Thank you

Try my email editor

which one do you mean?

Hello persefone.. I have some promblems about this project. 1. First is about upload image. I have try this project in localhost uplode image working well. When I try it in server upload not working. I try to find error but there is no error in console log. just the image not move.

2. In documentation, it explain that template is saved in folder tmp. But there is no action in save template.

Please guide me to fix it. Thank you

how i can help you?

is img-clickurl on image not working? I see it has commented on the code? I want to add link on image

i dont remember because i have commented the link.