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Would not recommend this plugin. Does not work out of the box or even following documentation. Only way to get this to work is to have the author access your private server and configure this for you. Would not recommend this plugin.

Refuses to offer a refund.

i have offer you to help with the installation because you doesn’t to do and this is your reply. compliments!

5fff9ec4-3073-4241-a7f0-96864ea50f4e Hi! I have some problems with installation of your drag & drop plugin in mailwizz v.1.4.3 Uploaded all files and folders with ISP manager in my website and set chmod 777 to “tmp” and “images” folder. I have problems with installation folder in config.php. What does it mean “installation folder”? How can I exist a config file?

Link to this video doesn’t work for me. Can I see this video another way? Maybe I can upload it from somewhere. Thx.


Is there a straightforward way to amend your builder so when you click save it downloads the code instead of saving it to a server?

Thanks Rob

dear rob, when click save you can force the browser to download the file saved (html format) following the page url

Thanks for the speedy reply. It’s currently downloading the images into a folder and altering the links to local paths instead of keeping the image paths absolute if i do it that way, is there a workaround?


Hi, i installed this today, however I’ve installed it locally using MAMP so i can customise it before uploading to the ftp and when i open the files (after I’ve altered the config path) the nav on the left is not black and white, it’s blue and it’s positioned above the drag and drop zone and none of the menus are working (other than bottom which give a popup). Do i need to to alter a different path too other than the config file? it’s like it’s lost a link or has a broken link somewhere so the ja isn’t being picked up.