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hello your product is not support mailwizz as you say mailwaizz told me it is not support.

please refound me the payment i did.

you told me it is work on mailwizz !!! it is in our massges! so now you told me it is plugin? plugin to wher???

Its a plugin but to activate it you need to buy a license

what licens ?

hi i buy this app and install it on domain but nothing is not working. it not save templete it not load youtube it is not show preview it is not show show nothing on simulator

so please replay to me about all this bugs!


i did and it is not working

send me ftp with private message

how i can send privat massge?


KZach Purchased

how do I change the text on this part? and change the spanish language?

Hi I am getting “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined” when I click on this area “Modify me or drag the content of email in top or bottom”

Please solve it or give me solution




is a private link not public. Let me know can i send it


I am getting “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined” when I click on this area “Modify me or drag the content of email in top or bottom”

Can you tell me how to fix this error?


Private message

hello the product i buy from you is not working it is not save and not preview nothing on simulator

i ask your support few times when you going to support me ?



i want to impletent external javascript code from newsletter company inside the email page that creating in the builder.

how can i do this?

it is win o linux?


what hosting provider?

Hi guys, if I buy the emaileditor, could I get the older version???


if you want send me a private message and i send you the old interface version

Hi I already have sent you a private message, but I haven´t received anything :(


ipps Purchased


I would like to ask, how can we change the default width of the newsletter. I have sent you a PM but you did not respond.

you cannot change with of canvas

Hi there,

I work with many big newsletter-marketers and the most only alow css inline-styles. I see on export page that it creates also styles in < head > area. Is it possible to integrate all styles as inline-styles?


uhmn, at this moment no. but i can do in the next release

That would be really great. I’ll buy it now and wait till the next releases.

Cheers and further glws : )


heyckel Purchased

Hello i have mailwizz how i can install it ?

ask to mailwizz author please

Hello its not clear, we can integrate this plugin with mailwizz? Do you have any guide to do it? The last version is supported? Thank you!

ask mailwizz author

That is your answer? Do you want to sell it or not? Are many comments asking for this. Please clarify the situation, Mailwizz run perfect, this drag and drop works with it or not? Support newest versions? Do you have adocumentation to intégrate it?

We are customers and you are the developer, please!

in the previous version there was a plugin with my editor. now i don’t knpw if exist

I want to use this as part of my WordPress website to let my customers email their customers that have purchased from their stores inside our site. Would this be possible? 1) Could we have a “single sign on” system where they are automatically signed into this when they are in their WordPress account? 2) Could I send the email address list of their customers into this software somehow from WordPress?

send me a private message please

sorry i have pay 2 time to buy this builder, i just need one license, please refund other one licence fee to me please, i using paypal to pay, thanks!

ask to envato how to do. i don’t know.

Hi, i have an email marketing platform and I would like to replace my wysija editor with your drag and drop builder. Is this possible? Do you think this is something easy to do? Thanks!

it’s possible. are you a programmer?

No, i would like you to quote for this.

if ypur app is in php 400 dollars


I have a pre-sale question! Can this be installed in MailWizz? And is there a documentation to do that?



I like this builder but i can see so many negative comments can author or any one who bought this confirm that everything mentioned in the comments has been fixed

what’s problem’s you have seen?

we have 4 stars. in every case you can ask a refund.

Hi id like to embed this with my open emm system

Do you do private work I can employ via upwork – the rest of my team are busy at the moment

I’m here

can you contact me on skype richard.kendal1