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I want to use this as part of my WordPress website to let my customers email their customers that have purchased from their stores inside our site. Would this be possible? 1) Could we have a “single sign on” system where they are automatically signed into this when they are in their WordPress account? 2) Could I send the email address list of their customers into this software somehow from WordPress?

I totally understand that it’s not a WordPress plugin. So on #1) do you have any ideas as to how we could make it a “single sign on” experience from one application into yours? Surely this isn’t the first time you’ve gotten that request? How do you handle sessions? 2) Do you have a “list import” feature I could pass a PHP array of Email Addresses and Names into to pre-populate a mailing list for my clients?

1 ) Think about the app as a any web page and you use authentication and session as you would use in a generic php user authorized content.

2 ) Email lists are not supported since builder does not handle any part in sending emails, just the email building and exporting.

Oh… Ok. So could I use the default PHP mail() function or even wordpress’ wp_mail() function to send the email we build in your template? Could/Would it work like this: 1. Customer clicks the link inside our system and logs into your builder automatically. 2. Build email with drag/drop 3. Click send. 4. HTML content of the email is sent to the mail or wp_mail function to be sent to the list I’ve saved from the database?

hi, i purchased mailwizz, is that any possible u can help me install it? or teach me how to… tq

yes you can view the video guide to set up and use the application.

hi no video teaching how to integrate with mailwizz

you can set up block builder separately and download the finish template and upload it on mailwizz except for that there is no direct exporting feature for mailwizz. thank you

How do i download the created designs. There is only preview available

Download feature is disabled in the demo, you have and export feature in the application when you purchase it. you can view the demo on video tutorial, showing how to download / export

i just installed uploaded to folder, and made folders required to 777, i uploaded the template zip and i do see it is in the template folder and it is unziped, how ever in the application click on the create or draft, does not do anything and nothing shows up for me to select a template to start making templates… how is this working for others, please help



Thank you for the reply, but these videos do not help at all with installation. I have already uploaded the files to server and folder permission set to 777 and importing the template but after that nothing works. I clicks create or draft and nothing happens no template shows and nothing else I can do to make it work

Please explain how is this fixed

can you please respond asap?

you have been refunded as for your request. Thank you

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any way this can work on a php 5.3.3 ? is there a root folder structure that does not direct correctly?

can you please explain what is the difference in php 5.4 vs 5.3.3 that does not allow this app to work on php 5.3.3 ? i really want to use this code if you think we can modify it to work in php 5.3.3 please let me know if this can work and i we purchase it again if you need to be sure im not taking advantage

thank you

some php functions used in the application are supported only in the recommended php versions or above. that’s why we have clearly specified it in the item description page so people can see if it works for their servers or so.


Can this script to be used by multiple/different visitors to our website please?

Kind Regards

this application it self does not handle user aspects but if you have a user management system you can integrate the block builder to that system.

I want to buy but the preview is not working do you have any installation working ?

there is a server issue with our demo site, it will be updated withing 24 hours. please check it again later. thank you