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The icons are missing. It is installed on a subdomain. How do I fix this?

Replied to support ticket ,please send support ticket for any query. Thanks

I need instructions for filling out the ‘transport’ => ‘Smtp’, because the code is not sending emails. I already emailed you and got no response.

Please read documentation properly. Smtp settings explain in documentation.Also replied to your email. For any query send ticket, comments not going to work. Thanks

Adding a Staff Member…the waiting screen hangs and does not appear to add a staff member. Then if you refresh the screen, it has been added. Not sure whay this is happening

Its request please read documenation propery. Mention there when you are using on localhost email sending not work. Its only work using SMTP. This issue because of email sending not work.
PLease send ticket for any query and wait . Response time is upto 24 hours. On Comment you do not get reply next time.Thanks.

Hi, i sent u an email several days ago, now i tried the support ticket, dont know which i should sent u the information that u ask me

Due to my marriage not available for any query last days. Sorry for this . Will check all information you send and query.

thank you, i will appreciate ur support :)

Hi can this system do quotes, orders and quotes? Thanks

System do not have this functionality now. Will consider it for next updates. Thanks,

demo not working..log in not working

Demo is working good please check it again carefully.

May i know how easy the installation setup?

Is there any step by step guide for system setting?

Please send me support ticket for any query. Also already replied to earlier tickets. Please check it

Hi, i know the step by step setup is provided. What my concern is the purpose of the of each function such as what is the purpose of “Source” function? I need the explanation of it so i know it is useful for me or not and how should i set the setting.

Thank You!

Please send support ticket for any explanation or query. Not able to reply all question here. Hope you understand. Replied already to your all old queries.

The CSS are missing. It is installed on a subdomain. How do I fix this?

Also check from this url:

Can you please send me support ticket then i will able to solve your problem. Please send support ticket with ftp details so i will help you to install it in your server.

Hello i ve got question about exporting deals. Is it all deal that are exported, or could i exported individualy. Also does the export file could be use or is it only a save data file. I mean i need deal that could be download by staff includind files that are attached for a offline browse. Is it possible. nice work from you with your drag and drop pipeline task!

You can export by pipeline,date range and active or loss type deals.Now file in system not saving , directly download.Hope i answer your query. Send me message from profile page if you have more query

Presale question: Is there an option to enable NEW USER SIGN UP at the login page? So my staff and other users can register by themselves.

Sorry , in application right now we do not have sing up login page , you need some customize work to add it in this application but we have note it down and in future updates can add it.

Hi!, where is the demo?

Demo working , its down for some time due to server issue. Its working good now. Please check it

Hi, Presale question – does this have webforms? How do you get leads from website into Lead Manager?

In our application we do not have this feature but can we easily achieved by some customization work.

demo not working ?

Demo working good , please check it.Let me know if you still facing any issue to see it.

Does it support multi-tenant?

Do you mean multi – language. yes, its supports.

Demo login is not working.

Its working good, down for 1 day only due to server issue.

We love the script just rated it 5 stars. I have a problem when I am on the deals page we already created all the categories and pipeline and custom fields….

for some reason when we are adding a deal, if we don’t fill it out in less than 30 seconds when I click ADD DEAL it asks us to sign in again and we loose all the data.

I use the custom fields for adding invoice number, due date etc etc for my jobs

this is a great script but how come it makes you login and the sript timeouts while im entering the data??? please help with the fix also sent you support ticket

Thanks for your 5 star feedback. Got you ticket and replied to that. Please discuss only on support ticket any issue or changes. Cannot able to resolve issues here.

hi pre sales question – this crm can import file to update deals and leads example csv or other format? many thanks!

another question its possible translate to portuguese? many thanks!

We have created plugin to import new deals ,yes it is possible to translate to portuguese , just need some custom work. If you have more query send me support ticket.

Great APP…! Could you help me with some issues in the installation process?

Yes please, replied on your support ticket for details need. Will continue conversion on support ticket. Thanks.

Its been a couple years since you have made any updates to the code. Do you plan to roll updates out any time soon? Security? Features? ect…

Yes, i am planning to launch some updates in it, thinking to update it this month last.


RangaT Purchased

Deepak please respond to emails need customisation of your system.

Responds on email , please check it. Thanks.