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Hi, Can you sort table rows with this plugin? Thanks

Hi I left a support request last week…. can you please give an answer?


so this item has no support… don’t buy this item.

Are nested lists possible?

it’s good job but i have problem the button save me also drag and drop how can i make this button fixed

i a unable to save the function in my DB ,is your application will help e any guidance to save the data in DB ?? or it is just drag and drop

Hi, such a good and clean script.Thanks for the effort.However I tried to insert images to list but couldn’t manage to.How can I change modify functions.php file to let me list images instead of text with my database’s img data?

Thanks in advance.

Anyway.Ok I got it.My fault was a typo in the script. img src=”.$row[‘img’] .” did the trick.

After I changed the list text items to images, “Save me” button moves with the last element of the list.I made some modifications in css and js files but couldn’t manage to come through it.Any idea?

Hello please can i use table instead of ul


Could we drag and drop and get SQL database saving ? Could I get 3 or more column ? If this script is SQL ready, when I change colum, the SQL update take in considedration if it is column 1, column 2 or column 3.


Looks like your website was hacked. May want to fix that.

Preview here seems not to be working

preview still not working