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it’s compatible with prestashop

Hello marcellovoc, yes it’s compatible with any PrestaShop 1.6.x.

If you encounter any problems, please let me know.


when i try to upload 1 file excel of 2 mb i have error!!! No file selected to upload!! Sorry i have no time to lost!!!!!! why not working??

Hello marcellovoc,

your server seems to have a limit on file uploads. Please check that with your hosting provider. It’s not my module’s fault. I uploaded bigger files than that to my server using the module. Your hosting must provide must provide a list of configuration settings for PHP where the max file size is specified. Thanks!

Edit: Check this link please –

No worries! Cheers.

ok thx solved please remove ask refound sorry bye

The refound was made, thanks!

Hey guys, have a question for you. How hard would it be to password protect a file for Users logged into Prestashop in your module? Is this something you could set up? If so how much would you charge?

Hello motion2082,

do you mean to protect the download link with a password so the user can’t see it without writing it correctly? Well, you can set up individual downloads for users so they have to be logged in and have a password already. Or you could put the purchases inside password-protected zips and send the passwords separately. Please give me more details about your idea and I will think about it.



Hello, any chance to have categories, or at least different download pages? thank you!

Ok, I will. But do you mean manually creating “categories” for the downloads, or different download pages for different product categories? Just to make it clear :) thanks!

Categories inside the downloads page would be fine for me. And if there are subcategories, would be a plus as I sell equipment that have a lot of documentation and want to keep it separate from products. Thank you!

I will think about it and implement it when I have a little more time. Thanks for the feedback Ibolster!

Good day,

We are interested in this module, but here’s a few questions:

- Is it compatible with PrestaShop version - Do you plan to release it for - How much would the cost be? - For how long would we get support?

Thanks, we wait for your reply.

Hello AlgoratmaSoluciones.

-Yes it is compatible with PrestaShop

-Yes I plan to release for 1.7.x but I’m quite busy lately and didn’t have time to update, sorry!

-The cost is the module’s price. No extra costs.

-This module has a default support of 6 months. Please check the conditions of this support.



can you have multiple download pages, and or sub categories. one page for a hundred pdf files is looking messy now.

Hello flamestop, there are ways to arrange that just using PHP and some minor modifications on the module. However I intend to add this feature in the future, when I have some time. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi, I have successfully installed your “downloads page” module on our prestashop V Everything works fine but we have a German shop and the link “Download this file” is English and cannot be translated or formated bigger to be easier to use for customers. Were can we replace it with a button or css-Link? THX Uwe Friedrich

Hello, UweFriedrich!

First, I thank you for purchasing my module.

The message you describe has this code in PHP:

{l s=’Download this file’ mod=’vbdownloadspage’}

This means you can translate this message using the “module translations” section in your PrestaShop install.

Just browse the modules there until you see this module, and then proceed to include the translations for the languages you need.

If your shop is in German, there should be some blank spaces there next to the module messages, including “Download this file”. That’s where you have to put the translations.



pls ignore

Hello vblanch, is it compatible with ps 1.7? Thanks

Hello lacasadelaswebs, not right now. I plan to make it compatible in the future but right now I don’t have the time. Sorry!

Hello vblanch – quick question: have you released a PS1.7 compatible version of your module yet?

Hello bioseb, not yet. Sorry!

When will it compatible with PS 1.7?

Hello slee88, I need to modify the module and run tests before that. I don’t have the time right now. I don’t have a release date for the new version, sorry.

Good morning, before buying the module I would like to know if you can only define one user for a particular download file.

Thank you.

Hello t88vargas, you can check the screenshots where you can see how you can define one user for a particular download, or an entire group of users. In this second case, you need to have a group of users, in case you want to resctrict the download for several users only. Also please keep in mind this module works with PrestaShop 1.5 and 1.6, it’s still not updated for 1.7. Thanks!


Any ETA on when your 1.7 version will be ready?

Thank you

Hello LYNKOne, unfortunately I don’t have the time to release the 1.7 version yet because of personal circumstances. By the end of the year I may have some extra time, but I can’t promise anything. Sorry about that, and thanks for your comment!

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Hi, Is there the version for prestashop 1.7.x? Thank you

Hello, When will there be an update for PrestaShop 1.7? thank you

need to buy it for prestashop 1.7