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Still no demo. Error establishing a database connection

Will buy another soon.

We are sorry. We are working to provide the demo again.

Not happy. Getting errors, and went to your website to look around and you don’t even have an email or form on the contact page, and lots of lorem ipsum elsewhere. You should really consider finishing your website if you are going to be developer charging fees for a plugin like this, For now, please refund me. I was unable to get support, and have moved on to something free that is working.

Sorry for inconvenience, what problem you are getting?

Very poor! You still do not have a demo?!

We are working on to provide the demo again. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Hi wpkraft,

Amazing plugin, well done for the idea, I’ll be glad to use it. Just installed it, and trying it out I have 3 issues :

1. It’s displaying correctly, but it’s not displaying where it should. It’s displayed in doubled, one beeing displayed on top of my header, and one inside the featured image of the wordpress post. I inserted the shortcode correctly inside the article.

2. I have a “the file doesn’t exist” problem, even tho the link does exist. I though maybe it was because of the “é”, but even without it, it doesn’t. As an information, it’s an amazon S3 link (https), all of my downloadable private content are there.

3. The shortcode generator does not generates them properly, for example if I select “default” for the color of the background, it will select “blue” automatically when generated. Same issue with the buttons as well.

So so far impossible for me to solve the issue. I understand that, if these are not known issues, you’d need my website URL and probably an access, the URL is meant to be private at the moment, so if you need any of these, please give me a mean to do it privately in your answer.

Best Regards

I am here waiting for you. I have already emailed you.

Yes 24h later. Anyway. Still haven’t got any support after more than a month, so I’m waiting for your refund. Thank you.

As you are not satisfied with the plugin. Refund has been processed from our end.

Is it work for wordpress 4.5.2 ?

Yes, it will work.

Is this plugin still supported and runs on latest WP version?

Yes, it is supported and work with latest wordpress version.

Hi I just purchased the product from envato and doesn’t seem to be working. When I go to the place where I need to insert the shortcode or the button it doesn’t show me the download handler option. How are we going to do this? Can you explain it step by step? Do we need another plugin like download manager in order to do this? Thanks!

Yes, sure

Yes, sure

Yes, sure

Hello, the demo is not working so i have some questions.

Can i filter the docuements? Autor filter, Date filter, Category filter or Tag filter.

If there is a pdf, can i have a preview instead a direct download?

Do you have any demo online?

No, this plugin doesn’t have such features. It adds trackable download boxes.

Good Morning,

We have purchased your downloads plus, however, it isn’t functioning according to your specifications.

I noticed on the screenshots prior to purchase there would be access to several screens in order to modify the downloads and add to my website, however, the screens are not showing up at all. Plus, there is no availability of the download arrow in my text box as shown in the screenshots.

Please advise the way to proceed.



Please read the documentation, if you haven’t yet.

Whatever shown in screenshots are available in the plugin. Are you able to access downloads handler pop up screen on your post editor screen??

Hi this plugin does not work properly.

I contacted on the day of purchase and have not heard back from you.

I am requesting a refund, please organised this immediately. Thank you.

Where did you contact? Let me know what problem is there? It may be just a conflict.

Hi, I would like to know if there’s any other way to track a document being downloaded such as a pdf file but not using the generated shortcode.

Right now I’m getting the shortcode below when using

[wpdhp_global id=”box-custom_cor” class=”button-custom_cor alignright” file=”.../document.pdf” show_counts=”none” display_filesize=”block”] Download [/wpdhp_global]

But I have a download section in my theme already which can only take links and would remove shortcode such as the above.

You can directly incorporate this plugin in your theme.

We have requested a refund of our payment of $20 since the original download took place. This has been requested many times since purchase. The download never worked successfully, despite several attempts. We have not received adequate support to make this download work successfully.

Item is “not as described”

An item is “not as described” if it is materially different from the item description or preview so you should expect the author to “tell it like it is” when it comes to the features and functionality of items. If it turns out

The item is “not as described” and we are entitled to a refund. Nor does the item work the way it should and we are entitled to a refund.

Please provide a refund immediately, or this matter will be taken further.


we have asked a couple of times, please describe the error; but never hear back from you. How can we provide support without hearing back from you? Please describe the actual error or show the screenshot. Indeed, if we will be unable to resolve the error, you will get refund.

Thank you

It is five months ago that we tried to use this plug in. And, when finding it too difficult to use, despite it being called SIMPLE downloads.

As mentioned over six months ago, this was the difficulty experienced:

I noticed on the screenshots prior to purchase there would be access to several screens in order to modify the downloads and add to my website, however, the screens are not showing up at all. Plus, there is no availability of the download arrow in my text box as shown in the screenshots.

It is too difficult to use and we do not have the time to revisit. We have requested a refund immediately, six months ago and are expecting to receive this. The next step will be to take further action if a refund is not provided immediately.

Its just a simple css/javascripts conflict with you theme or any other plugin you are using, which can be fixed easily. But we found the plugin doesn’t fits your requirements, so refund done. BTW, your ending words hurts. All the best (y)


paduch Purchased

Hello, I’m WP 4.7 f4887c20-80a6-4a1b-92c9-7c9c5d5de27d – 1 Jan 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

The problem is that I always receive with any file an error of type wpdhp Error: file ‘http://pgprod.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/logodef.png' does not exist! The files are in the right places, I do not understand the problems. Thank you for your help Paduch

Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience but the link you have send is broken. This problem causes generally because of unsupported php version. Please send the error page link.

wpdhp Error: parameter ‘file’ is empty!

Hello, we are sorry to hear that. It is happening while installing or after installing?

After installing. I’ve followed all of the troubleshooting guides throughout the comments, and nothing’s worked. If you could refund me that would be fine.

Please make sure your php upload size is above 20mb and not earlier than 5.4, if you want we can directly fix this on your site.

Unfortunately, I cannot access demo!

Is this plugin can fit in the school directory website where each school uploads forms through theirs dashboard? If NOT can you customize it as per my requirements? I’m ready to pay for customization work!

The plugin has some issues with latest WordPress version, we are fixing that. So the demo will be available after that. Yes, it does fit your needs, even can serve more than that. Sure, just let us know the requirements, we will customize it as per your needs.

Hi! Your demo seems to be broken ;)

We will launch new demo site soon.

how can i install it on my wordpress

Please follow your previous Comment.

please i just purchased the plugin but it showing me error file does not exist

Hello, sorry to hear that. What is your WordPress version?

Version 4.8

The plugin is not tested with 4.8 yet. It may be a compatibility issue. Please share your site details, so we can diagnose the problem and fix it.

i downloaded this plugin and it not working showing unsupported on my website it totally making me mad i just uninstalled it i need a refund

Can you please share the exact error message? And your WordPress version?