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Great work, it’s very useful! :)

Thank you! :)

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Thank you :)

The email entered by the user, will it be stored at some place to create a data bank?

Yes, emails are also stored :) in “data” folder

Dear Sir, I am really excited in using your code in my website. I installed the code as described in your installation document. Everything went fine except that the email with the download link is not received (sent?). I created a gmail email address for this purpose. I did enable imap in gmail. I had to change smtp port to 587 because with the 465 the website gave an error. I ran out of ideas on how to solve this problem. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance! Johan

Hi Johan, does your server block the port, or it doesn’t support ssl/tls?. If your hosting/server have mail account, you can create one local account, and connect to it via SMTP you can add my facebook so we can chat.

Thank you for your quick reply. The problem indeed was my server. SSL wasn’t supported, I changed the code to TLS and now it works fine. Thanks again!

you are welcome

Can the input be changed to get not only the email but first name , last name, zip

Hi, It’s not configurable. Need some changes on code. If you need a version with more input. I can build it for you :)

So your plugin only works for files hosted on your own server? What if I want to use your plugin at external file say hosted at Would your plugin send the user an email containing url to the file?

Hi again

I want to use google gmail smtp but I can’t get it to work. I tried everything! Can you help me please?

Hi, can you check if your hosting support ssl/tls protocol?, have you enable pop3 in your gmail

you can change $phpmailer->Host = ‘ssl://’; to $phpmailer->Host = ‘tls://’; to see if it work?

I would like to integrate this script into autoresponder services such as Aweber and Getresponse….is that possible or must I wait for the feature?

Hi, this feature is not supported by default. But we can integrate it, I can help :)

Greetings, I am having issues with the “send” email portion, email is not being sent.

1. Tried $phpmailer->Host = ‘ssl://’; to $phpmailer->Host = ‘tls://’ 2. Server supports SSL 3. Tried using the local server and local email account 4. Tried Gmail 5. Tried SMTP with port 25

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks.


No the problem is not resolved. I will reach out to your personal email.

Bluehost will not change their configured server to allow your application to work and you have not provided a viable solution. Please process my purchase for a refund, thanks.

Hi. I have configured Download Portal to work with Bluehost local mail server In order to allow email can be reached to external server you need do following:
1. First of all, go to the CPanel of your bluehost account. Click the MX Entry icon under the Mail groupbox.
2. You will be redirected to DNS Zone Editor, find the MX (Mail Exchanger) section.
3. Click the more >> link.
4. Select Remote Mail Exchanger, by default this is set to Automatic Detect Configuration.
Here is link, you need to do only step 1 to 4
If all above not working then try to contact bluehost with debug logs
If you can able to configure your other applications to work with bluehost, but my application not. Then you can request for a refund here
PS: I see you have wordpress site here [removed] do it have same issue?

The script not working for me. I’m also getting an error on the error_log on line 20. Which is my gmail password.

  • Hosing Company Bluehost
  • Using Gmail (SMTP Activated)
  • I tried Gmail app but there is no app available for my account.

any suggestions?

1. Configure to use bluehost smtp: smtp address should be box[number] after this step you can send email internally only
2. Follow instruction here from step 1 to 4 only then you can send email externally

...And to findout box number in my previous comment
Step 1

First you need to find your Bluehost server/box number for your MX record. So login to your Bluehost control panel, click into “Hosting”, then “email”, and then on “email configuration.”

Step 2

Select your email account from the drop-down box and you will see your address next to the Incoming Mail Server (the XXXX corresponds to what server you are on). This is the address you can use for your MX record.

nice work as always mate . good luck

Thank you :)

Update New version !!!

Can use for many user?

Hi, What do you mean by “many user”? If you mean enter many emails to receive link download, so yes. If you mean user registration with username/password and authentication, so no.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Is it pretty simple to setup the SMTP when using emails other than gmail, etc..? Any documentation on it? Thanks!

Hi, it’s simple to setup SMTP unless your hosting block it, you need to check/ask your hosting provider if they are block or not.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t want to use Google, can I just use any mail like for example? Regards.

Yes, it’s will work, but please test if you can send email from your hosting first :)

I have several files available for download. Can I use this script for that?

Yes, script look for file based on file name, max number of items script support is same with max number of files you can put in a folder.