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Looks good, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks for your support!

Been looking for this for months! Any possible way to set a limit to how many files a user can package and download at once?

Sure there is! Just contact me in the email section and I’ll send you a piece of code you can add in to the original script to get this functionality.

Hi does this only do images or any files (video and audio) and is it possible to add a .zip .rar files to the downloaded .zip?

How easy would it be to change the preview image to a flash audio / video player? one line of code?

Yes! You can do it for any file.

Unfortunately, the built in PHP library only supports zip files (as far as I know).

Yes, the preview should be easy to change. For example, right now it uses an img tag to show the image, all you’d need to use is a video or audio tag. ;)

Hi Folk, is an unzip of uploaded rar/zip or so available? I need this :)

I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

It does zip the file (.zip) and your OS should come with built in unzipper. Sorry if I misunderstood what you meant.

Live preview site not workin.

hmm can you provide more info or a live demo? does it have a download counter?


its possible for using for download software. For sample Software1.exe, Software2.exe, Software3.exe in one zip ? tnx for reply

It should work with any file type, however larger files usually take longer to compress.


looks prommising but is not working for me. I mainly need this to download sql files.

I tried this with one 260MB sql and came up with an empty zip file!

I just uploaded all the files from the zip I got after purchase and put them in a folder. Then placed the sql file in the inside_folder and went to the sceen to download it.

I dont think there is much to do wrong there.

What can it be?

Hi there,

Would you mind posting a snippet of the code you are using? You should include the directory name in the “Files/Directories to Include” array.

For example, if your SQL files are in a directory called “sql”, the array would simply be `array(“sql”);`

Let me know if that works.

Looks fantastic for what I need !

Does it support folder packaging ? Is there a size limitation ? My max zip should be around 1,8Go Does it support members with login and groups ? Do you have a live demo address ?

Many thanks, PomS

need assistance, is there an email i can contact you on?

Can this script fetch files from remote urls and package them? Also, is this script compatible with all browsers?