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This file is perfect. Everything works great. You can disregard my message about how to change the logo size. I got it :) Thanks a lot!

Hope I put a big smile on your face, your welcome :)

Hi there can i get the original art psd files for title and buttons please. chrispy-g@live.ca

No psd, UI is created with Inkscape :)

Hello there,

Currently having problems with BoardManager. Sometimes trees dont get detected and enemies dont always walk on enemies path.

Any idea? Using Unity 5.2

Hey I just bought :). Question do i have to re skin this to upload safely? Also where do i add my custom .com.xxx.xx for the app in unity? Also how do i compile the APK? thx :)

Also I’m having trouble creating my key/keystore. I get to the part where the Create A Key popup shows and I have to fill in all the information but when i click Create a Key button it asks me to choose a folder and I already have…

Is there a support board? I have 92 critical errors after opening in 5.3

opened in 5.2 and still major errors. Is this product supported or do you just make stuff and leave everyone to fix your mistakes.

Full of errors, the documentation says to use Unity 5.2, then in these comments the guy says to use Unity 5.0 and the red errors go away. However, when you try to replace his characters, the game doesn’t work.

I am using Unity version 5.3.5f1 and a dialog box pops up and says

“Your project was last opened with a different setup of Unity. The saved project(5.2.1f1) does not match the launched editor(5.3.5f1). This may require re-import. Please be aware that opening in an older version is unsupported. Note that if a build target installation is missing, this may cause a re-import.”

If I continue, there are a lot of errors that are preventing me from using this.

week ago i bought the source and has a lot of errors. also i hired some one to reskin the game but he try hard but its a lot of error more than 95 error has to fix on unity 5.4.

A lot of errors. I will pay if you can help me to build it

I fixed the errors myself. :) It’s not difficult to solve

upload your online Doc to another web hosting. Google Drive now does not allow web hosting

is this an android studio project ??

Assets/GooglePlayGames/Platforms/PlayGamesClientFactory.cs(32,9): error CS0104: `Logger’ is an ambiguous reference between `UnityEngine.Logger’ and `GooglePlayGames.OurUtils.Logger’ ... Oke?

what is the framework to edit?

Hi, where i can find my Leaderboard ID on Google Play Console ? http://i.imgur.com/o4LpgbH.png