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Responsible size feature is still working?


Autosize > Check On!


I like your independence :)

Thank you for rating the item

I tried to install and get an error message – can you help? IT says there are no valid plug in files

Yes, I can help you. Did you read the documentation file? If you have some problems, let me know via my email.

Hi, I want to use vertical images for this (and some horizontal images too). How can I do this?

Hi, I want to use vertical images for this (and some horizontal images too). How can I do this?

Hi, unfortunately, it’s possible to use only horizontal images here

is this fine with wp3.9

Purchased! I’m very happy with this plugin, but I have a problem. I have sent you an email. Thanks

Thanks for your help via email. Now it is solved! :P


I was wondering if it was possible to integrate this into a full screen portfolio page on the theme Konzept ( I was having trouble utilizing the short codes within the portfolio section and was wondering if I was just missing something here.

Thank you in advance


Hi Sean,
Unfortunately, I don’t have Konzept theme that’s why it’s difficult for me to understand what is the problem. Can you send me a link of your page, where DV is installed, and I’ll try to help you.

Sure, and sorry for delay was unaware that this thread had gotten updated. website = – plugin is installed but not sure how I could apply it to portfolio images. Would really help on retouching section. Thanks for your help!

Hi! Nice Plugin, thx! Is it possible to auto-rotate the slides? Like a normal slider?

Hi. Unfortunately, this option doesn’t work in this plugin.


I have wordpress version 3.8.1, will this ‘double viewer’ plugin be supported? And also will this be possible to link an image to a particular slide?

Also will it work on all mobile devices especially iPhone and android phones?

The Double Viewer works in all last versions of WordPress (including 4.0.1). Also it works on mobile devices. And functionality of the DV allows you to upload any images.


Is it possible to export the plugin with all data?


I have installed it and i am have pasted the shortcode into a page but is not displaying. Any idea as to what is missing?

Thank you

It’s difficult for me to define what the problem is.
Please send me the link on your page (where the Double Viewer is set) to my email.

Possible purchase if the plugin have a demo to view how it works in WP.


dgc Purchased

Hi, I am using this plugin but I can’t get it to work the way I want. If I make the images too large in the admin, then when the page loads, the images and buttons are cut off even with auto resize on. And on mobiles, the images show up really small. Is there a way to have the images and buttons to be as large as the browser window but never cropping the images or cutting of the buttons? Thanks!

To change an image by the full width on the screen in given implementation is impossible, because DV is placed in the limits assigned to it. The DV doesn’t determine the size, it makes the content in which the DV is located, in your case it is #page_content_wrapper. In other words, the width of the DV can not be larger than the #page_content_wrapper.
As for me, the only way to add jQuery code which will move the DV from #page_content_wrapper. Like this


dgc Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply. Can you please remove the link in the previous post since that is not my image so I don’t want it to be posted. I don’t fully understand you post. On the Portfolio link, the site resizes to fit. But on your test link, the buttons and the image gets cut off. There is no way to have the page with the plugin function the same as the Portfolio page? It has to be a set size? On the site it shows up pretty small, but on mobiles, the images show up really tiny – less than 2” big.

The Double Viewer can’t be wider than the content where the plugin is located. The DV is not related to the portfolio page, which has its own special tags and styles.

Looks great, already bought another one but this is on my Bookmarks to get later.

One thing I noticed though, when you move the slider handle/cursor all the way to the left/right, it stops following your mouse and you have to grab it again.

Do you have plans to change that, so you always have the slider handle selected and in control as long as you press down the mouse (even if you go all the way past the edge of the image)?

Oh and a nice feature that saw somewhere else, is an option to have it auto-start.. So when someone visits the page, it animates the slider automatically (once or indefinitely) but you can still manually control it as well.

That would be great :)