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I’ve made this app with the code from this game. Can give you an idea of what is possible :).


Nice job, although we haven’t understood your question, sorry. Your game looks nice the way it is.

How do i make it so only iAd banners show? I dont want Admob to be on it.

Hi, check this video, it may help you: https://youtu.be/-AnEd1tfcWk

Thank you, you don’t happen to have a tutorial on installing Google Analytics?

No, we’re sorry, but we’re sure that if you google it you can find something useful, search for Google Analytics tutorial on YouTube as well.

I want to replace the dots with images of cats. I have done everything so far, but the images no matter the size that I place them in the bluedot image folders come out probably like 10×10 pixels. How can I make the images show up bigger in terms of pixels?

Hi, iAd doesn’t need configurations. You may update the GoogleMobileAds.framework, download its latest version here: https://developers.google.com/admob/ios/download
And replace the old .framework with the updated one in the project folder.

Can I get iAds to display ads when admob is unavailable?

that’s what the code in the app does, actually. It all depends by iAd and AdMob network, we have no control over it but when iAd network is not available, AdMob shows up, and viceversa.


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Hi, I have 2 warnings in Home.swift

line 102: print(error)—> Expression implicitly coerced from ‘Error?’ to Any

and line 111: print(error ?? default value)—> Expression implicitly coerced from ‘Error?’ to Any


Xcode should suggest you what to do with a popup over the higjlighted line of code, just hit return to accept it and it’ll be fixed