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can i change language ?

yes you can, but currently it support only english.

Dear, I have purchase your Dorm / eHostel / Tenant Management and Billing System, I am very new in windows hosting. I have a experience on wordpress. I need full tutorial for this installation. I have purchase a window hosting from, and I have also purchase a domain with it, so could you give me a detail instruction about how to install it on my hostgator window sever.

dear jazzy, send me the details of your windows server on, because this application runs in linux environment, i have to see its compatibility.

Dear, Please see the right pass from 2nd email, check it, Thanks

Dear, sent you email with downloaded file, please check, Thanks

well done, solved my problem, very fast reply and exceeded my expectation! Thank you :) Excellent service.

Dear, could you add a user, like admin/ owner and manager login so that manager can make some entry, could you add option for meal management and can view tenant or student ledger.

hi its good project, but i want some customization, can you add upload photo, identity proof (voter id, aadhar, pan, license) means 4-5 addition image upload option

Yes, we can do customization , you can contact us on for customization

Hello Sabawasim

If i buy this project will i get the full source code? I am going to buy this project for learning with full access.

Waiting for your response. Thank you

Yes you will get full source code.

Which framework is it?

Hi Sabawasim!

What I’m looking for is a booking system that will let people rent bicycles.

A single person should be able to go online and book X number of adult bikes and X number of child bikes for X number of hours, by date.

Will this booking system handle that?

Thanks, Leslie

hello Leslie

yes this is capable to rent cycles , because instead of rooms we can use cycles. however as your process is it needs to be customized a bit.

we can connect over emails at

I have successfully completed the installation, everything is fine but I can not enter the management panel. It does not accept user and pass in a nonsense way

The nonsense way come because you have to activate it, please mail us and we will let you know the activation process

as already mentioned for any support please mail us at business@techdynamics.or

The nonsense way come because you have to activate it, please mail us and we will let you know the activation process

as already mentioned for any support please mail us at business@techdynamics.or

The nonsense way come because you have to activate it, please mail us and we will let you know the activation process

as already mentioned for any support please mail us at business@techdynamics.or

I purchased script and I installed successfully.But there is error in activating. I dont know why it is.I entered userid,passkey and licence key to activate but its failed .Please help me

we have already sent you the activation steps through our email

hey guyz can you build invoice software like this, please mail me on this email id fo r further discussion 1 july gst launch in india, so it create a big sale you also contact for next

The Android Application has registration on a web? I would like to do APP (Android) + WebAdmin and WebSite ??

No andriod app is available for this code.

Hi! I have been interested in purchasing eHotel enterprise but I am starting to lose interest and having fear as I am getting little to no response. I have been told through email the price is $399, I asked for demo link for testing; no response. Is there a demo link available? I cannot purchase a software through pictures. Also why have you guys decided not to sell it here on codecanyon?


The one you enquire is eHotel and the one we sell here is eHostel, so dont enquire the software here, for that you have to email at,

the prices are already written over our site you dont need to ask, that means you have not visited our product page, please visit and then enquire.

second, we do not sell high prices software here.


we have shown you the demo, but have not received any reply from your side. please mail us on

Hello 1- Does it have calendar ? 2- Can it block double booking automatically ?

calendar is not required as per the business model as features we mentioned here., yes it do block duplication by id.


redfree Purchased

Please, I need an answer to an email sent with a subject.

Thank you


redfree Purchased

Good Morning.

I have everything installed and so far the database has been generated correctly.

I want through the loging panel to enter:

Insert user and password either and then ask me the purchase code: XXXXXX.

It gives me an error, that is, it does not take me anywhere.

Please, what is due?

The project will not be to manage rooms, it will be for parking spaces, so I will modify it.

I take for granted that everything is modifiable, images, texts, tables, etc …

I also want to translate it into Spanish.

Please pray as soon as possible.

Thank you.


bilhack Purchased

hi Mr sabawasim already i buy the license but the Item Purchase Code is not working for me please help me


we have sent you mail for this.

Hiii Mate :)

I had studied your entire system, One Word – it’s really Awesome :)

Your Product really looks promising and great … I’m very much interested to buy it and have a long-term vision.

But I do Have some queries (I need for Indian Hotel …)… Can you please help me out … I’m really very excited to buy it.

1.) Does it support Indian Payment Gateway Like … PayTM, CCAVENUE, and PayUmoney.

2.) I need to use it for Hotel Room Booking … I have many rooms with various other services … So is it possible to show … room availability … But showing option like Check-In and Check-Out … and then show which rooms are available.

3.) Can user it from Backend Aswell … As hotel owner … One should also book hotel rooms on cash (in offline) so will he be able to book rooms from admin level too.

4.) Custom Indian SMS Gateway: Once booking is done … Will customer get be notified … that booking is confirmed (both by EMAIL and SMS)

5.) Cashback or Loyalty Feature: Does system supports any Loyalty or Cashback system: when user book any room … he should be notified that you got a USD-10 as cashback and you can use this cashback on next booking of the hotel room with us. I hope you could understand my concern and will help me out.

6.) OTAs – We need Indian Hotel Aggregators connected with our Front END CMS booking system.

The main concerns are we will listing our rooms on GOIBBIBO, CLEARTRIP, MakeMyTrip, PAYTM, TRIVAGO … so when need to sync that rooms bookings to our website … whenever a booking is done at our premises or theirs.

In simple words, room booking can be done by 3 modes… Offline (or by Phone), Online Website (QLO Frontend CMS Booking), or any aggregator websites like GOIBIBO, CLEARTIP, etc etc …

What we need is whenever a booking is done at any one of these three modes… it could get syn automatically among all 3. This will eliminate manual work and overbooking and other things.


7.) We need to manage hotel … and there are many services, room booking & misc services which will be done offline mode … So is this capable of handling all such stuff … Or we need to opt for other HMS.

Thank you again :)

Waiting for your kind reply … very eagerly … :)

With Warm Regards, PS

hello i have already seen that you have asked same questions to other authors like :

as we have many hotel and motel system which can be customized for your need. mail me on for details

1. Will I be able to upload it to my server and access it like a website 2. What do you meant when you said you can use it offline, will it sync with my online and offline data 3. My cpanel server is window, will it work

Yes you can upload it and access it like server. By office access it means you can use it on local server or on online server . It dosent mean syncing between those two.

It works on any server which have php and mysql installed