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it’s a fine concept, but need for advertise system include

Hi, Script comes widget ready where you can add advertising like adsense etc… Freddie

I didn’t mean adsense or something like, I meant a module that give ability to the users to place their ADs

Hi, Admin has the ability to place advertisements for monetization, users can add youtube videos. Hope this helps.

Hi Thanks, Fixed!

looks good can you add wistia?

Hi, thanks. I have no plans to add another video service provider to this script.

Would it be possible to fetch new video`s related to any YouTube Channel on a daily basis automatically?

Hi, This will be something I will add in the next update.

Cool, can you also do custom work?

I can do custom work in 2 weeks, I have a start price that increases depending on the work needed. Just send me an email through my profile when you are ready.

Hi, it is great script with design but you need some new updates (features) like : 1- share option with embed to paste it in another sites ,, 2- advertisement inside the video players to add my own ads inside the videos (look like what in youtube ) , 3- new option to upload videos ,, 4- register option with payment and make free account and premium account ( have size limit to upload their videos if they don’t want to add from youtube

Hi, Thanks. 1, 3 and 4 may come as add ons for the script. 2 is not possible as youtube does not allow it from my understand plus the videos have ads with them already from youtube. Hope this helps.

do you mean about add ons ,, is another price and must buy?? about number 2 , it is possible to use advertisement if you accept add upload by users , and I’m using wordpress newstube theme and they are have plugin I can add inside it videos,text , banners on the youtube advertisement ,, and my own google adsense :)

Hi, Yes if addons are created. Thanks.

Class youtube-api does not exist on demo

Hi, where on the demo are you seeing this error?

on submit (import) video, but i see now its working

It shows error whenever I click on Submit button

Hi, where are you seeing the error.

Whenever I click on Submit link. Check this screenshot http://prntscr.com/aysjy6

Hi, Thanks. Fixed!

Hi there

any plans for mobile app for this script, or any advice is welcome i need to buy this for educational videos

and also will i be able to add sub-categories

Hi, No plans for a mobile App yet. The script is a responsive design so it can be viewed on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

No sub categories at the moment, only top level.

Hello I have questions about Youtube API Key Is certainly should be Because I could Youtube API Key find About program Is there a way to get movies and clips were only used on your host ..? Or just for the YouTube video link and are ..?

Hi, you can only add movies and clips from a youtube channel, single url or search query. Hope this helps

Does this also have the option to download the video to our server so its saved locally or only embeds it from youtube?

Hi, no there is no option to downlad videos to your server or locally. The script fetches youtube videos from a channel, single url or search query.

Any working demo? Because i see that the actual demo was hacked.

Hi, the demo is back online.

layout is break.

Is there a demo account so that I can try out the website? Is there an admin portal?

demo is broken !!

404 Page Not Found

plz chek it out !!

demo is back online.


maneki Purchased

added api key but when I add a channel o single video the script keep loading (rotation image) but nothing happens…what can I do or Check?


rmncr Purchased

Sorry but i cant find /install folder or files in zip file.

Please read the documentation for instructions on how to install. For further support please sign up to the following link: http://portal.webberdoo.co.uk/cart.php?a=add&pid=18 and open a support ticket, thanks. Freddie


rmncr Purchased

Ofcourse i read all documentation.

‘In your web browser go to: http://YOUR-WEBSITE-DOMAIN.COM/install or http://YOUR-WEBSITE-DOMAIN.COM/SUB-FOLDER/install you will see a simple install page, click each numdered step to install the database table and default admin details.’

But i get error.

'Not Found The requested URL /install was not found on this server.'

Whatever. ticket is coming.


rmncr Purchased

‘No support departments found. Please try again later.’

cant open ticket on your site.