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I like your idea, what is the difference between TubePress? I looking for script where I can import many channels and search results intro one long feed, same as TubePress doing, without any moderation and preaprovals, can I do it with your script?

Hi, thanks for your comment. With DooTuber you – the admin, can import videos from a channel (as many channels as you like) which will have the channel’s description etc.., admin can import videos approving them automatically. Hope this answers your question. Freddie

Nice script ! GLWS :-)

Some questions:

1) What is the point of the statistics ?

I mean you see above Total Active Users etc. in numbers and then the “same” again in a bar chart …

How about to show the numbers of visitors/views daily/weekly/monthly/year, popular videos or something similar …

2) How works import youtube videos from a channel exactly ? Manually or automatic ? How many videos, latest 10 videos or similar ?
3) A contact form with recaptcha/captcha would be nice
4) Option to disable the User registration system from the dashboard

Thanks for your answers

Hi, thanks for your comment. 1) I’ll take your suggestion on board and maybe add it in a future update. 2) import videos from a channels is done automatically, youtube currently only allows 50 videos to be imported at one time/a click. 3) A contact form maybe included in a future update. 4) disable of the user registration may be included in a future update. Hope this answers your questions. Freddie

How many videos, latest 20 videos or similar ?

Hi thanks for your purchase, not sure what you mean by how many videos, can you explain? To add google adsense or any other advertiser create a widget, and select the position you want it shown. Hope this answers your question, Freddie

It gives an error


Hi, an update has been approve which will fix the error. re-download and install the script. Freddie

Can user upload the video? Thanks..

Hi thanks for your comment, yes users can add single youtube videos. Freddie

It will be nice if you can add the function iframe embedding optional for other video services like vimeo or dailymotion :)

DOES IT IMPORT VIDEOS AUTOMATICALLY USING CRON? like every # minutes checking for new videos from user through youtube api?

you are not answering my question….does this script automatically post from youtube or not? Not Manually…Automatically set 1 time and then auto posts from youtube?

Hi, No it does not. But is a feature I will look into. Freddie

the script is very nice but lacking I’m glad you edit

1- admin/dashboard – No video views statistics

2-admin/settings – There are very few settings 2-a-In the footer section should be added to the Google Analytics code 2-b- admin/site-map ,so confused, I did not setting , auto-generated 2-c Latest Videos You must be a section shows how many (example10,12,15,20,30 Video) 2-d- Most Viewed Videos ,You must be a section shows how many (example10,12,15,20,30 Video)

3-admin/youtube/new-video-import – arrangements should be explanation before adding video .. quickly change the video description

4-admin/youtube/new-search-import— Before the video installation , Videos be listed and Description should be regulated and Videos must be uploaded to selected and It should be added to the site

5-admin/youtube/new-channel-import—Before the video installation , Videos be listed and Description should be regulated and Videos must be uploaded to selected and It should be added to the site

6-easy update

Until now this , i then again declare

And multi-language support ,I want to get Turkish, how do I do it?

and advertisement before the video

Hi thanks for your comments, to answer your questions: 1) Video views maybe added in a future update. 2) google analytics will be added in the next update. for how to use the site map please read the documentation.I do not understand what you mean by ‘How many’ latest and most videos? can you explain? 3,4 and5) You can set the video import to inactive (which will not show on the front end) then import and edit a video by going to view all videos and do a search for the video you want to edit. 6) Can you explain?

The script does not have full language support as the data is being pull from youtube but it does have language support for the admin area. To add your language go to src > DoowebdevUk >AppBundle > Translation and create your language folder then copy and paste the localization.php file in the ‘en’ folder into your new language folder and replace text on the right with your language then go to app > Config > config.php and change ‘en’ to your language folder.

Hope I’ve answer your questions.


One copy sold and the script is now being spread all over the net for free. Guess you have something to explain here YILMAZB1…..

Hi, can you send me the urls to where you have seen my scripts for free, thanks. freddie

Hi u have a link to Platform there is script in use ? Not a Demolink please

Hi, only a demo link is available. Freddie

hi, nice script But: “Import A YouTube Video Import YouTube Videos by Search Import YouTube Channel Videos” dont work, why ? i dont import a video video on admin panel ? i want buy.

Hi, functions in the demo have been disabled. Regards, Freddie

Hi need more options for videoplayer. need timeline and qualli :-)

Hi, the timeline etc.. can be activated manually very easily. Freddie

Hello i would like to purchase this script but i would require the following -

1) Would this site be able to run on a Sub-domain? 2) I need to add/remove some of the items in the menu, including adding a link to a custom url, i know this option isn’t available in the admin panel but would it be easy to do so via code and tell me the location on where to do this.

This one i’m not to bothered about but would be nice to know if might be available at a later date which is adding google plus for social.

Sorry about the many questions but i would need the top 2 for this script to work for me.


Hi defient, to answer your questions:

1) Yes the script would be ok to run on a sub domain

2) Yes it would be very easy to add/remove items from the menu and add a custom url via code. Once you have bought the script message me and I’ll send you details.

Google plus will be available in the next major update but you can easily add this via code, again I will send you details.

Thanks, Freddie

Hello again, Thanks for your quick response and help, you just made a sale :-)

do we allowed to post youtube videos in our website?

I get the follow error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/rednetvid/public_html/vendor/illuminate/support/helpers.php on line 365

Hello I started the install after I read the Documentation and when I select Add Database tables I get the following error SQLSTATE[HY000] [1049] Unknown database 'root' . I did edit the file detailed in the doc’s and put in the correct information in it just seem to be reading the Database user name for the Database name. Any help here would be appreciated thank you amj

Hi, can you send me your ftp details through my profile. Thanks, Freddie

This script not working. I dont receive any response from the seller

Hi alyedel, the script works fine. Please email me your ftp details through my profile so I can see whats going on with the installation. Thanks, Freddie

Hi, live preview doesn’t work anymore?

Demo not working. Are you still selling this item?

yes, demo is back online

send me the link to the demo