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How do you activate the screenshots viewer like this? http://gyazo.com/b1547975943c14547613a3b389d0806b

By the way, good lucks with sales!

Hi, and thanks for your feedback!
What browser are you using? We can see screenshots overlay with Firefox and Safari, that’s something handles by Envato website, not by us. Cheers!

Hi, could you please add/ Do you have any plans on ading Chartboost to this game and your other games?

Hi, this is a Swift app, we have no plans to add Chartboost on our apps, also because AdMob and iAd are the best ones for Apple reviewes approvals. Cheers!

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Hi, sorry we don’t understand your question…

Hello, If I buy it for each ad you iAd for me? Email: tranthucquyenvpb@gmail.com

Hi, do you mean that you want iAd banners on this app? It already shows iAd and AdMob banners.

Can I change something in code ?

Yes, of course, you actually must change the graphic elements and are free to change the code as you wish. Cheers!


What is priority of the ads network? iAd first or Abmob first?

Apple gives priority to iAd banners, usually.

Hi, my app rejected.

2.2 Details

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 9.1 and iPhone running iOS 9.1 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The game volume plays even when the device is muted.

Please fix this bug.

Hi, so you’ve tested this game on an real iPad? Which model have you used?
That may help us out since we’ve tested it on an iPad Mini and if we switch the silent switch OFF, you hear no sound, so we can’t currently understand what’s wrong with the Apple reviewer’s device…

I’ve tested on iPad mini 2. But just now fixed. I don’t know how… Thanks… (:

Ok, great!

Congratulations! ;)