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Hello if you know ( white tiles 4 ) on android how i can change the tiles moving like this game ?

Sorry for my late. I haven’t try it the before :( Thanks for your purchasing

purchased but the scoring not seem to work. it only shows the text “best time”. will you fix it?

Yes, I will. Thanks for your comment.

can I change songs?

Yes, you can but you need to know music note for the song you want to change.


I want to make the game work with Keyboard. Is this possible to achieve easly?

Thanks, Daniel Sousa

You must learn construct2 to use keyboard. It’s easy to modify. Thank you very much

I keep getting NAN as high score, can this be fixed?

Can you check again?

Hi, high score, can this be fixed? or refund please

I did. Thanks

Hello, can I change the win color backgroud,fail color backgournd, bottom yellow piano color and save the highscore to database? thanks

Hello, I was editing you’re construct 2 project file for adding custom ajax request and change some layout, but when i try on debug and export it it’s seem the highscore and timer not work well can you help me with this issues ? Thanks