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Awesome Game! GLWS! :)

Thank You !

Looks good but please implement AdMob banner. I’m considering buying.

Any updates about this?? Thanks!

Will be released soon

Admob is a basic feature, so please implement it.

It is not required feature, because there are people who dont want admob there are people that want so I can’t know if they want it or no.

I will add it

Is it easy to have about 4 different creeps falling down instead of the same one every time?

There is always a way but requires a custom work

Awesome game, works very nice.

Thanks Viktor!

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

I just wonder why should I have chartboost and Vungle ads, both of them have video reward. Is it not better to have everything in Chartboost or only Vungle….because both of them have all ads version you need?


Because some of the people preferred vungle, another one chartboost and another one both.

The game uses chartboost interstitials, not videos.

That is right.Thanks for good service

Hi…When i open the xcode project, it stated chartboost file not found, what should i do? I cannot even run the simulator…pls help…

Can you show me with a screenshot please

I get crazy, my app get rejected from app store after 10 days of waiting.

where can i find the App Purchase code in the game ?

Do you mean In-app id ?

I have fixed it now. thanks

is it swift of objective c?

Objective C

apple doesn’t accept this app. This app exhibits one or more bugs when reviewed on iPad running iOS 9 and iPhone running iOS 9 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.. can i have the update version??

We are working on update for iOS 9 for all apps and games but this takes some time. You will receive notification email when the update is ready.

is the update ready for ios9 ?

Yes the update is uploaded waiting for review :)

Hi, why the game is not as smooth as it in the video?