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Hi, I am having problems with textures. You have created 5 sprites for the game and 5 sprites for the menu. However, you only provide 1 tps file. I would need the different configurations for each sprite, since now I am having problems with the sprites I am generating: different scales, they appear mispositioned, etc. Thanks!

Hi there, sometimes the step does not behave correctly and the next step fails. Please fix ASAP.

Hi, Thanks for the code.

i created two leaderboards in itunesconnect, one for best time in the attack mode and one for the best steps in the long run mode.

i added both leaderboard id’s in the: #define LEADERBOARD_TIME_ID @”best time leader board id” #define LEADERBOARD_ID @”best steps leaderboard id”

i have only the best steps leaderboard working but i am not sure even if the number is correct, is the way i configured it correct ?

thanks a lot for the code and the help, you are doing a great job here


will check for update version

Hi TigerIOS,

Thanks for the replay, did you have time to take a look?

Best Regards,

hi Tiger, any update about the game center issue ?

Hi, I just purchased this tile game. Can you please tell me where exactly does each sound file go?

Example of files:

bubble? fly? gameover? hit? hit1? score? swing?

Please respond asap, I need to get this uploaded. Thank you! :)

You can see file sound preload on introlayer.m


In the images folder outside I changed the sandals to something else in photoshop, but when I run the game the sandals are there still. Is this because you used sprite sheets? How do I fix this? Please respond ASAP as I would like to upload this game tonight.

Thank you! :)

make sprite for earch device iphone, ipad..

As Meltwater said,there is about 20% of chance that the step does not behave correctly,the shoe will step on white block and then when you click the next black block,it will change to white block and game over.

I really need help setting up my AdMob account, not sure how to set it up. Any help will do, thanks!

Okay apparently this ca-app-pub-2530230787721578/3759429448 is an AdSense ID. Now I just need to find the AdMob ID :(

AHHH So this ca-app-pub-2530230787721578/3759429448 is the correct format, the A0123456789ABCD is the old format, my account is upgraded.

define PUBLISH_ID @”UA-50803315-2”

define PUBLISH_ID_IPAD @”UA-50803315-2”

Hi TigerIOS, I have seen you have created an update as of 20th May. Could you introduce a “What’s new on this version” text? Thanks

hi i like this app. however i dont have a mac. was wondering if you could reskin it for me and upload to store. it seems this can take less than half hour. also want to add another admob interestial to it. problem is i’m broke. just paid lots of money to buy ads and reskin jobs. What can you do for me? can buy now

Using the trial of TexturePacker, the .tps files you posted don’t seem to use AutoSD, yet there are clearly many different sized sprite sheet files in the sprite sheet folders. What are your export ratios for the various display sizes? Thanks!