Don't Step The White Title - Clone, Admob

Don't Step The White Title - Clone, Admob

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Can down load file on. Tap to begin and then tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal. The quicker you tap, the faster the path moves! Tap on a white block and the game is over.

Test your speed to see how fast can you complete 50 steps to the goal? Measure distance advanced in 10 seconds. and if complete 50 steps,add 10 seconds. display your steps and to begin a countdown of 10 seconds. - GameCenter High Score. - Highest Design. - Support Device: + iPhone, iPod 3.5inch + iPhone, iPod 4 inch + iPad + iPad Rentina - iOS 5.0 and above. - Share on Facebook, Twiter. - Cocos2D 2.x - Xcode 5.0.2
report high score to GameCenter.
It comes with Layer PNG images We provide support within the comments section. So when you have questions, we’re here to answer. So let’s get the new top list app code!

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How to Setup:

A. Quick Setup

There is no setup. Just open the DontStep.xcodeproj and you will be on your way. 1 prerequisite is that you have XCode version 5.0.2 installed one you mac.

B. Basic Configuration

1. Open DontStep.xcodeproj

  • Change CFBundleIdentifier “com.iMadeLab.” to your app name ID (example: com.YouGame.)
2. Open Prefix.pch file
  • Change admob id to show Ads: #define PUBLIC_ID and PUBLIC_IPAD_ID @”your_admod_id” to your admob ID for iphone and ipad
  • Change : #define APP_STORE_DES @”” description when share on Facebook, Twitter
  • Change Rate URL: #define APP_STORE_LINK @”” share on Facebook, Twitter and url to open Rate on appstore
  • Change : #define APP_STORE_IMG @”” image will show when share on Facebook, Twitter
  • Change #define LEADERBOARD_ID @”com.iMadeLab.laderboard_id” to your leader board id Gameceenter
  • Change #define LEADERBOARD_TIME_ID @”com.iMadeLab.laderboard_id” to your leader board id Gameceenter
  • Change #define TIME_LONG_RUN to your max time for Long Run mode (secon)
  • Change #define STEP_ATTACK max step need to win
3. Open Info.plist file
  • Change CFBundleName: to your app name
  • Change CFBundleIdentifier com.iMadeLab.DontStep to your app Bundle Identifier
  • Change FacebookAppID to your app Facebook ID
  • Change FacebookDisplayName to your name app
  • Change CFBundleURLSchemes fb236928019829649 to your app id facebook above ( have ‘fb’ before )
4. And Done

C. Ready Submit to Appstore

Facebook SDK:
You must install facebookSDK to your computer. remove facebookSDK.framework on project. And re-add it to project