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hi,i can’t find the code GameScene.m: if ([GameState sharedInstance].level > [levelData count] -1) { = (int)[levelData count] -1; } So,how could i add it? Thanks

Hi, I am sorry for my late reply. I’ve added this code to the latest version. Have you downloaded the latest source code yet? or please leave your email here, I will send it to you.

Theres a big the share button is not working i got rejected from the App Store 3rd time

hello, did you add your facebook account in settings?

Whereabouts in the settings because when i press the share button nothing loads up

hello, please check your email in regards a problem. thanks

Hi Ambioris, We replied to your mail. Thanks again for your purchase and interest in our application!

Hi,what does new update consist of?

Hi Justinlindsay, we update “Easter Egg” bug that users can do some specific gesture to skip some levels.


HI there, did you download our latest update on April 28th?


i have a problem and i cant understand

/Users/macbookair/Desktop/IosDeveloper/Shoot/codecanyon-10628279-dont-shoot-the-black/code/Dont_shoot_the_black_v4/source_code/ShootingBall/ShootingBall/GameViewController.h:11:9: ‘GoogleMobileAds/GADBannerView.h’ file not found

hi psilon, please remove the GoogleMobileAds.framework from project and add it again. I have attached googlemobileadssdkios.zip file. unzip googlemobileadssdkios.zip and drag GoogleMobileAds.framework file into your project again. Thank you

hi tatsuya.. i solved it but now i have another problem :)

/Users/macbookair/Desktop/codecanyon-10628279-dont-shoot-the-black/code/Dont_shoot_the_black_v4/source_code/ShootingBall/ShootingBall/GameViewController.m:237:23: ‘presentFromViewController:’ is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 7.0 – Use -[UIViewController requestInterstitialAdPresentation] and related APIs documented in <iAd/UIViewControlleriAdAdditions.h>.

thanks :)

and ?

(null): Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)


Is there any possible way to display the Admob banner on the top of the screen instead of bottom? Also, are we expected to see an android version anytime soon? :)

Thank You :) Now that I have moved the banner to the top, Could you tell me how I can move the two buttons on the top a little lower? So that the banner does not cover them.

Never mind, I was able to find it :D

How do I add a Backgroound Image?


presentFromViewController:’ is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 7.0 – Use -[UIViewController requestInterstitialAdPresentation] and related APIs documented in <iAd/UIViewControlleriAdAdditions.h>.

can you help :(

Can you tell me how to remove “iAd”. Which file and part that I have to comment out, please? I would like to keep only the AdMob banner like on the original version. When I comment out the iAD part, I don’t get back my ADMob banner. Thank you for your help.

Find it on the Constant.h, thanks.

Hi, that’s good.

Thank you for purchased!

Are you providing an iOS 9 version please ? Thanks

Hi Bradsam,
We will have the plan to upgrade when iOs9 is more stable. So, unfortunately, there is no ETA now.
Thanks for your caring!

Any new updates :)

Unfortunately, there is no ETA for any update on this app now. Thanks!

Android version ? Thanks

Unfortunately, there is no plan for the Android version now. Thanks!

What if I paid extra ? And do you have an iOS 9 version for this game?.. Also do you have a contact email ?

Please contact us via profile page
Best regard.

Hi, Is is possible to add a background image? The variable currently has only a background color. :(

Hi there, Only color background is supported. It may lead to some readability issue if you put a background image to it. So please consider about that matter. Best regards!

Hey – just wondering, is this your original concept or is it a clone/remake? Thanks!

Hi bmz13,
This is definitely our original concept. I can see some items that have been released on Playstore/Appstore with the similar idea. You can check the release date here and there and see that.

Hi.. how do i change the font style for the menu screen. thanks

New Update?!

Hi a7mado0,
Thank you for your interest in our item.
This one is set as not support and regretfully, we don’t have plan to update this anymore.
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