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Hi there, nice plugin.

If we don’t add any effect, will it show instantly ?? I need something that shows very fast once the user gets out the navigator area.

Also, it is possible to add different aleatory promos or ads ??

Is it possible to have HTML or SHORTCODES inside the popup ?

And finally is it possible once the popup appears, the user to close the popup manually ( this way if he sees an interesting offer to click on it ??


Hi bundyflavour, About your questions

1. You can custom very fast or slow. you can define milisecond time in settings.

2. You can change any photo/text

3. You can add custom HTML. but shortcode we will release in next update (I will have a look if people like this plugin I will improve many features :) )

4. a poup maybe make user feel uncomfortable. But I will think about your idea in next update

Thank for your interested and your idea ;)

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions,

Awesome plugin, Works well. Remember It wont work on mobile for any potential buyers, However is responsive which is nice.

Hi dylanando, Thank for choosing our plugin. Yes because mobile don’t have hover status. I will research solution for mobile. maybe when click close it’ll display “see you again” screen.

Please let me know if you have any questions,


Can you choose for this to work only on certain pages or does it happen automatically for all pages?

Hi leapmarketing, it’s automatically for all pages. I will update select pages in next update :)

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hi there, nice plugin. i will buy soon :)

Hi MhendiZ, Thank you. I’m here to support for you any time.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hi Ninja Team, it’s a pretty cool Plugin and a great Idea =D I will buy it when it is possible to select certain pages.

Hi hannezzhannes, I will include this feature it in next update this week :)

I will wait for it =D I really love this funny exit-intent :) Good work!

Hi hannezzhannes, your update requested just approved. You can purchase to try it now :)

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Hi, Thanks for the plugin! Is it possible to not get the pop up when you are holding the scroll bar?

Sounds good! :-)

Any update?

Hi barematthias, I wating envato staff update it. You can check demo here:

If you can’t wait, you can send me a message via my contact form and I will send it to you.


A wonderful plugin. Such a great idea :) I would love o add a video. Is this possible in the future? I really hope so. Cheers

Thank NancyKatins. Do you want me add a video instruction or you want to add this snow effect into a video?


Dear Tommy, thank you for your quick answer!! I would love to add my own video in the see-you-again-wordpress-plugin and I was wondering, if this feauture would be possible soon. :)

Hi NancyKatins. If you want add video (Youtube, Vimeo or your custom video) to See You Again screen. It’s possible. You can purchase and try it now :)


bookmarked.. this is a great idea. :D

thank you :)

1. Does this plugin have cookies to only show this once if a user has accessed the site before? 2. Also, did you make any updates such as the ability to put on only select pages (vs. every page on site)? 3. Did you do the update to work on mobile devices? Thanks!

Hi Copilot, Let me answer your questions:

1. This plugin display for all visitors

2. You can do it in Settings > See you. This is screenshot:

3. I think mobile device don’t have hover status, so I don’t do that :)

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Please, add some opportuinities – like opening this on the first time or like something this.

+ i don’t want use additional jQuery if wordpres already using it.

+ add opportunity to upload several gifs and to show different ones daily

Is it possible to show “see you” when i am near close tab and not while clicking other tabs.

Yes current it can display “see you” when you near close tab. You can try it.