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Objective C or Cocos2d?

Cocos2d buildbox

Do I need Buildbox to edit it?

no just need xcode

Hi, do you provide the bbdoc? With extended licence?

Hi, I am offering the with extended license the bbdoc only for a short time.

Hi there, just bought with extended licence, please let me know how to get the bbdoc, thanks


Many thanks for purchase. PM your email address

Good luck with sales.thanks

Thanks and you too

Hi isaac2k2! Do you have a reskin documentation of the template to navigate through it easily ? -What kind of software you used for images ,atlases textures? Also, the images folder is empty. -How and Where do you enable/disable the ad networks?(Vungle,Heyzap,Chartboost etc). I can’t see the SDK’S for these ad networks anywhere. I want to use them.

I will appreciate your support Very, very nice template!

Will need to check but probably not :(

I’m talking about what you said about adding and setting my ad network priority which will take you about 5 mins do: (1.Vungle video,2.chartboost interstitial, 3.heyzap interstitial, 4.playhaven interstitial,5. admob interstitial, 6.revmob interstitial and lastly 7.heyzap video). I just need to get these ad networks up and running for monetization. I am assuming that these will show every 3 times after game is over. Example after times game over vungle video, then, on the same session, chartboost will show after 3 times again and so on. correct me if I misunderstood :) About the images swapping, I got it figured out.

OK keep this in mind – The priority list acts as a waterfall, so what that means is that if Vungle ads is not available, then the next ads will show and so on.

If all ads networks are available, only the one that you selected as primary will be shown always until its unavailable before the list takes effect. A technical word for this is failover

Currently the following ads networks are the only once supported within the priority list:






Hi, how can I delete the rotating polygon at the start screen?


its not that straight forward. If you want it removed, PM your email address and I will send you another build.

How to change the speed of the game?

I’ve sent an e-mail through codecanyon :)

I’ve sent The pictures to you :D

OK I have increased the speeds, will send you the update

Can I get bbdoc if I buy Extended License right now?

Hi, I just bought your game, how to get bbdoc file?

Pls PM me

Isaac, will you provide me the bbdoc if I upgrade to extended license?

Hi Isaac! I made the extended purchase. Please send me the BBDOC. Thank you!

Hi PM your email address


Hi, there are no documentation included in both the iOS and android version? Thanks.

Hi and thanks for purchase. See doc here –

feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Hi sir, receiving the bit code compilation error on google admob when compiling.

Also, when submitting, receiving the following error -

Error ITMS -90474 and ITMS -90475

Hope you can help. Thank you.

PM so you share your screen and I will take a look

I purchased the extended licence and looking for the complete buildbox source code.

what is bbdoc ?

could i get bbdoc with license as well ?

all you need is download the 30 days trials