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The sound is not woking on Android when I tried to create APK and the sound does not work on most of the devices.

I am using Intel XDK for generating Android APK from HTML 5 game

sound does work on some devices like Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 but it does not work on most of other devices like Sony Experia L, HTC Desire and other HTC devices too.

Sorry to hear that. Can you mail me the apk so I can try. mail:

how to using offline mode

Just replied your mail. :)

im a bit confused with data.js file, how do i remove all the other icons except twitter share? thnx

Construct2 minifies the js file while exporting and it’s hard to figure out. So, you can download the Construct2 (free) and edit the .capx file. Please mail me for any questions:


Is the font included?

After some time it’s impossible to continue. When the yellow car decides to change lanes its considered to be on the middle of both lanes while he is turning, so you will crash with it no matter what.

Thanks for your feedback!

So, could you fix it? Sorry for all the questions You have an excelent game, I will buy it

I do not have time for now, but I will take care of it for the next updates.


Is it possible to compile the game just with cordova+xcode? And without Construct?

we have to buy construct2 ? for exporting it on android or ios ?? :(

Just replied your mail! :)

Hi, I am interested in this game, this code can work on iOS and Android, I want to launch this on iOS and Android stores, Please advise if possible and if you can help me in this.

Yes, this is possible.

Here’s the necessary tutorials to check: Android: IOS:

You should have a Construct 2 licence to export for these platforms, btw.

Please do not hesitate to mail me for any questions:

How does the leatherbord works ? i will have to implement this functionality ?

Thanks for purchasing. Here’s the necessary tutorial:

Please do not hesitate to mail for any question:

Hi I just got an email

An update to your purchase of Dont Crash by Foxfin is now available in your downloads.

can you mention what’s new at the new version?


Thanks for purchasing! I’ve just changed the graphics.

Hi, the game can not work on smart phone(load html file from browser). could you tell me how to fix it?

Hi, thanks for purchasing! I’ve just replied your mail.


i have uploaded to playstore, but seems like the game is lagging and it has to force close… please help!

Just replied your mail, thanks!

well done! GLWS ; )

Thanks! :)

Nice game. Presales question- Is it possible to create a website which has multiple HTML games (all games purchased from Codecanyon may be)?

Thanks for your comments! Sure, it’s possible, but if you like to make money on them (with ads etc.) you should pay for an extended license.

Please mail me for any other questions:

hi there, we have some pre-sales queries, look forward to hearing from you! :-)

1) Can this game be run side-by-side with other HTML5 games within the same app? 2) Are any modifications required to ensure #1 above is made compatible? 3) Is it possible to adjust the sound volume within the game itself? 4) Is the game playable without data connection (ie. self-contained)?


Good day,

We have your don’t crash game. The homepage doesn’t have a back button, how does someone quit the game? Can you add that please?

Regards Leonard Ray

Thanks for your purchase! I just replied your mail.