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Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Might buy if you fix up some sql errors on the website like on checkout you click the red x and have me an error

Thanks for pointing that out, I appreciate it! I have made the necessary updates on the demo and am just waiting for the updated files to go live on here :)!

Error: Username and or password invalid.

Just typed user and pass admin like 20 times lol

Somebody deleted the account in the demo mode under “Users”. I set it so they cannot do that and set the details back to admin. Sorry about that!

Hi Mark,

Nice Work with this Buycraft/Minecraft Market Clone Script, i like it but the Price is expensive :S, can you put it for only $20 please? :(

Regards, Joseph Gonzalo

Hi Joseph,

Unfortunately I cannot lower to that price. I picked this price based on how much time I spent creating it, what other services are offering, and also what I will offer in the future. Other services (like the ones you mentioned), look for a monthly subscription of $25+ per month and do not give you the source code/allow for customisation. My script is a once off fee that gives you full access and never requires you to pay again. Also with this you receive any future updates or plugin changes (Which there will be many, as I am looking for buyers to voice their opinions on things that should be implemented.) free of charge. Also it’s Java plugin will be updated everytime a new version of Spigot/Craftbukkit is released.

I hope you can see my point of view. If you have any other questions, I’d be more than happy to answer them!

Regards, Mark

@JosGCS – Expensive when u’ll earn money with it? hahaha u’re funny

@Mark-Barrett – Ask envato to push this to $60 – The more expensive the more valuable ; )

Cheers and glws

Thank you buddy :) , I appreciate the support!

Demo is not working :)

Here is the other URL:

Control Panel: http://mcglobalbanscript.com/pages/login.php

Store Front: http://mcglobalbanscript.com/store/index.php

Login details are the same. The script is in demo mode so you can see it but you won’t be able to change anything.

Same details but it is hosted with a different company. I checked and the company that hosts the demo above have been known to block connections from some countries. I’m not sure about Bulgaria. I checked your IP and yes there were no logins. No the price was always $35 :)

Its working!! Nice :) Thank you.

I Tried to buy a sword and got mistake :

Error: Your submission token does not match your current session token. Cannot add item to cart.

And there is not “exit” from the page.

Glad to hear it is working! Oh yea, someone mentioned that problem the other day but I fixed it then. Just forgot to upload the new class file. It’s working now on the demo and I submitted the updated files to Envato for review last week so they should go live in the next couple of hours!

“My script is a once off fee that gives you full access and never requires you to pay again” That is the source encoded?

I’m not sure what you are asking. But no, all the PHP files can be opened viewed, and customised.

Where is register for new users??

No. You would use this script as one Web store to represent one or many servers. You can invite other people to be able to login to the control panel to manage the Web store. I hope that answers your question

new user has one control panel (admin control panel,default) or has your own control panel

It would be the same control panel. For example, let’s say you purchased this for your server. You would access it from the main control panel. Let’s say you wanted one of your friends to help you manage the webstore, you could invite him/her, and they would be able to login to the panel with their own details and manage the Web store. I hope that explains it.

nicely done, very good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Thanks buddy! I appreciate it :)!

The demo can be found by clicking “Live Preview” above

Got Skype? If so, reply that if not then say no and answer this my question: Does this come with admin panel?

May you add me on skype and you should make register system like buycraft I was thinking allow users register and make their store. With a subdomain! Admin account, if you have that or will do in the future I’ll buy this script

I think you are misunderstanding the use of this script. From what I can see you want to buy a script that can provide users with the ability to make their own stores with an admin panel like a service like Buycraft. This script does not have this feature and is made for server owners who want to create their own store for their server, not host others. Perhaps in the future I will create a script like you mentioned, but it would highly de value the market and also increase huge amounts of these sites, like the plague of Minecraft Server Lists. Eventually if everybody used a script like this, there would be no point of hosting your store with someone when the script to host for others is readily available. I would be capable of making a script like this but feel that your mentioned idea should belong to only a select few who can provide it themselves in the Minecraft community.

What’s your skype? Add me: live:littleraedbusiness

Support Chinese? Support Alipay?

No Chinese support and no it does not support Alipay.

Hey man i would like to know more about the v2 ? thanks

Hello my friend, I am poor, I always wanted to have a website, my family lives in a small house and I have a computer, I do not have much money only 60 Brazilian Reais, which is equivalent to about 20 to 15 dollars, a promotion or make it available for free?