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can you add 2co with it and and extend the form fields and would you please add me at skype: cep.jewel I want to buy this plugin and use your service Thanks

Of course – Possible. Added you.

Hello, I PMed you but have not gotten a response back. I mentioned that I purchased your script. I have added my PayPal account e-mail as well as the pdt_auth_code token. Under settings, I have enabled test mode, and when testing, your script directs me to


The page says:

Please login to use the PayPal Sandbox features.

Obviously this cannot be right. Could you please explain to me if I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Please check your inbox. I have forwarded the reply again.

I purchased after test When I enter the donation message First-come, a confirmation page When I chose to return the modified data

Found that data can not be modified No matter how I modified reach the confirmation page Still the first time I entered data

Thanks for purchasing.. I will get back to you on this..

Hi, I’m not familar with programming stuff (i do design).. my client is asking for a donation form which can store data to their mysql database.. and then they can use the table themselves… I would like to ask if this plugin can fullfil this? Also, is the setup easy? any user guide? Thanks so much

Hi there. Thank you for your comment.

Yes, It does fullfil the requirement. To customize, you must know PHP programming. If you want me to customize, please send me PM via my profile and let me know your requirements. Thanks.


I’ve bought this script. I’ve a question for you. Is possible to modify the php to do to open automatically the paypal page in a new browser page?

Thank you for purchasing. Yes, possible but this is a customization request :)


I would like to know how i can insert extra fields(i need a extra email field) however this extra email does not have to receive any email if the payment is complete. also i would like the email to be displayed in the admin panel view. How can i do this?

I have sended you a PM about it too. Thank you :)

Greetings, Blasterman.

Thank you for purchasing.

You need to alter database table, add new fields into the form and push these fields into donation form handler. All this require PHP knowledge. Please let me know if you need my services. You can PM me. Thanks.


I need a simple script for my php based website which when a member on the site has donated, it adds the users id, the donation amount and also the donation date to a mysql table.

is this easily possible with this script?

Yes, possible. Can you share the URL? I need to analyse or may be the database (sample) to review and quote you. PM me more details. Thanks.

Hello, I would like to buy this and pay for custom work. I run a forum using a forum script I bought from here I can send you the url. I would like to have it generate a new donation form for every thread created mean when a users wants to start a thread the enter their paypal address and it creates a new form for that thread. Can this be done?

Thanks Andrew

Thank you for your query. Yes, please send me message via my profile.

Thank you for your query. Yes, please send me message via my profile.

hi,admin panel not work,page is blank

Could you please post your link via pm?

Can you please list the other payment gateways / merchants that are supported. You seem to elude to something but then never elaborate on it.

Thank you

By default, it supports Paypal but any payment gateway would work as its implemented considering different payment gateways

MMM no,admin page not found, u: admin p: admin not work

Can you please pm me the url?

sent,happy new year

The demo URL will not load.

Can you please check now?

Can I use this as a Callback? I want to change ID in my MySql database when a payment is done.

No. Its a customization request.

Does this plugin work with authorize.net?

By default paypal is supported but on top any gateway can be implemented.. let me kbow if you want to customize via my profile. Thanks

Hi, this script looks great. a few questions before i buy it: 1. do you have WP support for that as well ? 2. is it possible to show number of donor by code (just the number, nothing else) ? 3. once i reach a certain amount, i need to reset my counters (to start from 0 again) – is it possible to do that (maybe start a new campaign or play with the name of variable)? of course without deleting existing data.


Thank you..

1. This is standalone PHP script. 2. Possible 3. It’s customization request

Script is broken. Stuck on “loading” when accessing admin area. jquery.dynDateTime.js Is missing from the archive.

Work around as in? You can even access without login?

I fixed everything. Thanks! Great script!

will First Data Global Gateway e4 work with this?

Architecture is there but you need php knowledge to integrate any merchant except PayPal. We can customize it for you. Thanks

What are the payment Gateways can be used in this application? In the Admin panel I could not see any settings for the Payment Gateways? Please do let me know is there any Indian payment gateways like CCAvenue, PayUmONEY…ETC?

Please PM me..apologies for late response.

Can I add more forms to suit me if I want? Because I am creating a registration page people signup and make payment.

This is one form with flexibility to add new fields. Please PM me and we can discuss.

hi i am wondering is this extension actualy sending a bill to paypal as sale or as donation?basicly how will the tranzaction show in paypal account?

Hi there,

Its a PHP application with admin panel. Please read item details and ask if you have any question before purchasing.


i know my question was if it actualy sends bills to paypal as donation or as sale?

It will reflect as standard transaction and you can set what will reflect as title of transaction. thanks