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Looks great!

When I try it in chrome it’s fine, although whenever I try it in IE, it just ends up going to an error page. :(

I am checking the problem. I will solve it and update the files as soon as possible.

Still cant get it up and running in Tumblr. Sure the Documentation is Incorrect. Needs looking at. Author, get back to us on this. Would like to implement the $6 purchase.

Dear Ceijay,

Donatenic is a jQuery plugin. I don’t know if thumblr allows you to add jQuery to your page or posts. If you don’t have the possibility to add jQuery, you can not use it.

For your problem; i created an account on thumblr, i see that it is possible to change the code. Is it also possible to upload you javascript and image files? If yes, i can help you how to implement the button there.

Good idea, works A1 in ff

Thank you !

Example of getting jQuery Amazing Donations working with Tumblr.

Dear ceijay,

I have made it in thumblr and it is working now. Here is how to do it :

In thumblr, login to your dashboard. On the right sidebar menu, click “Customize”. On the top menu click “Theme”. The theme list will come to the screen. Just click the “Use custom HTML ” button under the theme list.

You will see the code of your page. Find the line and under this line, paste this code, (you can customize that code before pasting to the page) :

Then, in the code, find the place where you want to add your donation button. Add this code to put your donation button :

The coding is ok. Click “Update preview” button under the code. When your page is refreshed, you can check where your button is showing and you can find the best place to put your button. When you are done, click the “Save + Close” button on right top of the page. Thats all.

Regards, Murat Dikici

We have updated the button code. We fixed some bugs. If you downloaded before 11st February 2011, please re-download it.

Awesome script, five stars.

One small request: would it be possible to add a minimum amount feature? I’d like to set bottom limit and not submit the form if it hasn’t been met.

Dear clarklab,

Thank you for your review. We added your request to our “to do” list. We will make it ready soon and publish the new version here.

Regards, M. Dikici

The preview does not seem to work with the latest version of Firefox 4.0 the corners are not shown

We have fixed this issue and sent for preview. It will be available soon here.

I’m trying to add this button to a wordpress theme.

Do I need to add all of the following code to the php file?

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> // <![CDATA[ $(document).ready(function(){ $("#donationbutton").donatenic(); }); // ]]> </script>

Where do I add the code generated from the button customizer?

Yes, if your wordpress theme doesn’t have jQuery support, you must add all the codes to your theme. Otherwise, you shouldn’t add the line below :

I’m also having issues adding button to a Wordpress theme.

Added javascript code and input code onto specific page. Button is showing, but button doesn’t direct to nominated PayPal account. Have even tried copying your FULL FUNCTIONAL demo customization button across, again problems.

this plugin work with wordpress 3.5 ?

mhh it years ago… it is working in 2014?

looks dead plugin…

good sales =)

Thank you