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Manager socket very good, look your product like IRC chat :) thanks for notification to me, Purchased :D

Thanks my friend :D

@vietnguyen09: Like IRC but is good, you can sell source code for me?

Thanks for purchased, i can’t sell source code sory :)

Hey Viet, I was very surprised about the progress of your :)

Thanks claire :P

:) nice template

I cant puchased, please check :(

Ah, i will purchased, my network is stupid :P

Add on the client app a clear button and make it to autoscroll like the server one. Thanks

:) thanks for purchased, i will fixed anh update very soon

I read in the previous post that u’re not selling the source if u recosider contact me :) !

I case u dont sell it can u add also some kind of authentification, checking it from an php api or directly to a mysql database, and adding more like private discussions ?


Please contact to me with skype: kristapettigrew or google talk vietnguyen@phununet.com for private discussions.


I’ve been looking for something like this. Bought it and I’m using it right now !

Thanks for purchased :D

Dám ch?ng t? kh? n?ng c?a mình. Mình ?ng h? b?n.

C? g?ng phát huy nhé b?n.

Please use english, i can’t understand your messenger

i have been using this for quite awhile and i love it. i would definitely recommend it too anyone that’s looking for a good chat.

Thanks you :)


I just bought it, looks nice.. may i ask what ip im connecting to? can i use my own server ip?

And if i want clients to chat i just have to forward them the client folder? not the server folder right?

Yeb, you need using server ipaddress on client application to connecting on server.

You need start server application affter config right all setting and copy client to any folder and using this.

If you have any problem, you can email for me: vietnguyen09@me.com

Hi Author,

Can you make the domRC Client to a PHP or wordpress or HTML code… so that automatic the client can chat also in the Web

Yeb i can and i work done but have some problem then my project not aproved, please wait some times for aproved soon.

Thanks for comment.

very nice app. Great for private hacker meetings.

:D Are you a Hacker?

The PHP connection side of things I am interested in but I would also need t know what the source was behind it all, I would love to see what you have I would like to run a chat system and create my own clients to connect to it as I have much more to add to it and safe gards for my users.

Thanks for your comment, In fact I have an websocket system like your idea and its already exits on codecanyon. Unfortunately, it has some error and function not working really well so I need some time to fix it, I will notice you as soon as posible.

Excellent job bro