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Can you pass parameters to the target php page? Can you set the cache option of the ajax call (and other standard options) A demo would be good

Yes you can, you’ll need to set a data-ajax-params property on the DOM node which should contain valid json, this json object in it’s stringified form is passed to the php page as a ‘data’ field (This only applies to post requests). So in your script you can write, $obj = json_decode($_POST[‘data’]);

For other requests, a header of Content-type: application/json is used to send any json data to the server

What is the original uncompressed size of the library?

12KB, minified 7KB

can this library handle loops as well? Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean by loops. If you’re referring to something like the ng-repeat directive of Angular then no, but I’m hoping to add that in the next version

Yes, that is exactly what i meant.

Cool thing. Any update regarding loop thing that sabato1972 asked?