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Hello , I found a bug, if I search for says that it is available but it is not , because it is waiting for the release process , ( Search on the site and you will see ) . How can we solve this bug? Because otherwise the script did not serve me at all. Thank U.


The app base the results on the results sent from the API provider. The app is retuning the results returned by the API provider domainr that is free. It may not be perfect in 100%, but working fine for most domains ;)

But I need a solution because I will only use to query the and it is not working with this type of field . I’m waiting for a solution or want the money back because it does not work. Look at the divergence in pictures

It’s working just fine with domains, just try with the domain “” and you will see it’s taken. The one you gave in the example was not working because as you said it was not released yet and that’s a particular case

Can I embed this in my website? Thanks!

Using iframes yes

Awesome thanks!

After Check out Why it is asking address..

After Check out Why it is asking address..Will you send through E-mail or mail..

The purchased apps should be available to download through your codecanyon download page

Have you upgraded this to V2 API?

The v2 is still in development, but an update will be released coming 48h to the latest changes to the domainr API ;)

For every search the demo says not found

Should be fixed now, please let me know if you notice any other issue ! An update should be available here coming 48h

it is the best Domains Checker ever great work thank you

Thanks for the nice words!

Hi – how hard would it be to add namecheap’s api to it?

Can be done, please contact me through my profile page for an estimate

i like to have it for german ‘de’, can i add it?

.de is not supported by the free API provider used. But if you have a Dreamhost API key that’s supported

Before buy i have quick question is this API supports More domain extension like .US, .ME, .BIZ and .iN ?

With the Dreamhost API yes, but the other no

Can I embed this search into my website directly?

It needs some integration work. This is not a plugin ;)

I am interested in purchasing this however there are a few questions that I would like to know before I make a purchase.

My first question is how easy would it be for me to be able to customize it to fit my existing site? What pages I need to edit in order for me to accomplish my goal? Like header.php, footer.php?

Who exactly is the API provider and in case of that API provider goes down would there be an alternative one to use?

Would I be able to add other domain name extensions other than the traditional extensions that you have?

1. Would depend of your existing website and the knowledge you have with PHP/Javascript/HTML. This app is organized in a clean way. 2. The API providers are Dreamhost and another one that I cannot name that is free to use but have more limited domains extensions. 3. The demo we have is based on the free providers and the listed extensions are the ones that are available

hello dear, it’s not working || Invalid Mashape Key Sorry, no results have been found with your current domain

Great then !

it works good but I need to change register domain link or remove it , thanks

That can be done from the config file

does it still support domainr API and is the dreamhost api free?

The Dreamhost API is free but you need to have an account with them with at least a product or a domain name. Domainr is not currently supported because that are asking for credit card info to use their free limited plan

I have changed the api to dreamhost, but the search results only display two domain suffix?why

For support please contact me through my profile page with a link to your page and admin access, thanks

Hi, results are not coming properly ? plus do it show domains of( .pk and ) domains ?’

Hello YouGapi,

We are using Blesta. ( )

1) – How would we integrate this into our Blesta install ?

2) – Do you have a user manual that we could read first ?

3) – How many TLD’s does this handle ?

4) – Can we add our own TLD’s

5) – Can I add a custom “Buy Now” URL link next to each “Register” ?


Can I change the URL for each “Register” so that it goes to a custom web page of my own ?

6) – Is the WHOIS functionality free ?

7) – Is it mandatory for us to have a Dreamhost account ?

It doesn’t seem to be working any more.

Updated already and should be working !

Hey I’ve a short question. If I use your dreamhost_key, it show me an error for .de / .at / ... (tld) (invalid_tld) If I use .com or .net, it works fine. I’ve also send you an support ticket with more informations.

I will check it out. Possible Dreamhost API doesn’t support that extensions as well