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tapita Purchased

it doesnt work. Please help me!

Should work just fine now and better than ever, have been updated just recently ;)

It doesn’t work for me either, please help

hello, i need to have it on my website but i need to make it after the domain is available and visitor press to order forward it to my website can i make that ?

Seems it needs some customisation obviously

on the demo i saw the register if the domain is available and when press on it take me to name cheep can you change it to my my link ? and how much for this and installation ?

Please reach me privately by email or through the form on my profile page for estimates on the installation. For the link yes sure it can be customised to your own URL.


Vito227 Purchased

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

Hello, Can i re-link easily the register link button from default method to a joomla Rs-Form module? For example whenever a customer clicks on the Register link in your script for an available domain, is it possible he directly be re-linked to an address web link like that?[domain]={}

(“” is the requested domain by client)

Thank you ( “” is requested domain) i think this is helpful link

This app has been updated ;)

It does not work, I wrote asking for help for more than a week and nobody answered … I see that a lot of people have problems with this. Why is there no support? I bought on April 11, 2018

Sorry about the delay. We are doing a big update and it should be available soon and the issues taken care off !