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I just downloaded the latest version. Can you tell me how to upgrade the plugin from the previous version? Thanks!


You just need to delete the old plugin, and install the new plugin. Then check the documentation on how to define the new API keys and once define from the plugin settings you are all set !

Pre sale gueston: Can I add a link for each domain zone when displayed with Register. Thank`s!

Yes sure, that can be fully customized


1.) Out the box will this plugin allow me to remove the links to Dreamhost and AND replace them with my own links to purchase domains.

2.) If suggested domains appear can I add my own links to purchase these as well?

3.) Do you have an enom API?

1. Yes, the links can be fully customized
2. Yes
3. Can be added as a customization, please contact me privately for more info


I have installed your plugin, but when I search a domain I get these extensions: .com,.co,.net,.org,.mobi,.biz

How can I get more extensions?


As specified in the item documentation that’s the extensions available using the free API provider. To have more domain you would need to use the domainr API or another API that could be integrated

I ve just bouhght your plugin. My box field is so small. Ii does not work … Could you please see at ?

Yes I see it. Please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will update it to look fine on your site, thanks

very bad, we mus buy this script and one domain for get the api key in Bluehost and no work fine the extensions, web lose the money!!!

Sorry this plugin is not supporting Bluehost as an API provider

HI, i have this error message “The API key you provided does not exist. Sorry, no results have been found with your current domain’. how to solve that? i got this error when i am update this plugin to the last version, thanks

i am use dreamhost API, key, than instan search, but the page was error,


Please contact us through our profile page with a link to your domain search page and admin access and will assist you with it

thank you, i have sent you the login credential,

Pre sale question: Can I include domain search?

When using the Dreamhost API yes, but the free API doesn’t seem to have that extension supported right now

Hi, can this plugin provide javascript codes for embedding in another site. Like : “Get this code and put on your site and search the domain, make your visitor happy”

Sorry that’s not supported, but can be added with some customization

does this work with name cheap api?

No sorry, but can be added as a customization


Do you offer a non-WP version? Something I can embed on my static website? Also, I’m interested in the person being directed to another page on my site after they find the domain they want and click the register link. Is that possible?

Yes here: – To embed into an existing website would need some customization

does it have bulk domain checking option?

No sorry !

it’s show error on the result. I was trying on the demo also showed error too. Please solve the problem.

Will check it out and get it fixed coming 48h


I got some pre sale questions. – Is it supporting .nl domains? – Can costumers click on a button like ’’Register now’’ and then they can pay it trough iDeal for example?

If no, how can i do or fix it?

Kind Regards, Ryan

Only Dreamhost provider may support .nl extension, not the free one. The plugin doesn’t support purchasing or pay for domains

Good Plugin – I have some questions

Can i seperate tlds in to tabs ? Like popular extensions , new gtlds and on sale

I am looking for some thing which is similar to namecheap

just try to search some domain on namecheap and you can see the extensions didived in to three ..

i can pay any extra if you can get it done

That can be done as a customization. Please reach us through our profile page for more info and quotes


Does it work with NameCheap API? I want to offer user domains for free, and I would like to use my pre-loaded Namecheap balance to register the domain via API is it possible?

Secondly, would it work with gravity form? I want to add and option in the form to check the domain and then select the one needed so it should be registered after the payment?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Plugin is not working at your demo

We look into it this coming 24h and an update will be released if necessary. Thanks for pointing that out !

still not working :(

Will be fixed shortly, still working on it ;)

Dear :

Can´t activate the plugin version 2.0.0

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in …/wp-content/plugins/domains_wpress/include/unirest-php-master/src/Unirest/Request.php on line 419

Any solution?

Seems fixed, check your email ;)

Great support, thanks a lot!