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is it possible to block domain extension like .tk sometime


Via WHMCS, you can already remove / add the extensions that you want sell, no? or are you asking for something else?

that for registration. but what I mean is if user choose transfer domain option or they have own domain option and need hosting only.

good idea dahsyad, I’ll work on it this weekend.

Has this feature been added? This is EXACTLY what I need.

I don’t want to allow certain domain extensions to be brought on to my servers (example: .tk domains)

Have you added the feature so certain domain extensions can be blocked?

FYI! This Addon is NOT working with WHMCS 5.2.7 (the latest version)

We would also be interested in this plugin, provided it has been updated to include the ability to blacklist by TLD (and asssuming it has been updated to work with the most recent version of WHMCS).

Is not working here, I blocked the word cielo but the system continue to accept. Whmcs 5.3.7

Hi we can’t try it as it is forcing to SSL but here is no SSL certificate

After I buy and check, This module not work with web20cart template. In domain register its work, but in order product not work. I check your web look not work too. Hope you update this script :)

It works in WHMCS 6.0.1 (latest version) on the modern template – have not tried other templates yet.

Hi, we have purchased your addon but it is not working properly. We have added serveral words to our blacklist yet purchases with domains including those words still go through.

We have tried contacting your support email and got no response. Your forum link for support is also broken.

We have still not received any response from support via email and their support forum is still broken. PLEASE RESPOND!!!


We purchased your plugin and setup some of the following keywords in the attached image (

However, even though the word “account” is blocked, orders with that keyword in the domain are still going through.

The addon page shows that the domain name was blocked, however, this order successfully went through.

We’re trying to figure out if the addon is not working properly or if there are settings not configured.

We have tried emailing you and posting comments but have not received any response.

Please advise.

Also, your forum link for support is not working:

It doesn’t work