Domains Blacklist - WHMCS ADDON

Domains Blacklist - WHMCS ADDON

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Domains Blacklist – WHMCS ADDON

Domains Blacklist is a WHMCS addon that allow you to create and manage a blacklist of domains name from being created by your clients. As a result, it will be easy for you to exclude specific “objectionable” words in domain name chosen by your customers. Hence, you will be in a better position, when it comes to controlling the domain names that are to be registered on your hosting site.

The “objectionable” words often destroy the reputation of your hosting site, which is why new customers won’t prefer to make an account on it. Domains Blacklist tool is highly efficient, when it comes to blocking such domains.

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  • Easy integration with WHMCS, just upload and enable it in plugins list.
  • Create and manage a words blacklist.
  • Blacklisted domains tracker.
  • Define a custom error message to display to users if they order / transfer a domain with a blacklisted word.
  • Compatible with all WHMCS versions.
  • Much more in every update….

Support and Updates:

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* Version 1.0 – 08/06/2013:
First Release

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