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I want to purchase this plugin, but I need to know if it’s possible to integrate with Woocommerce and if it’s possible to add .es and .cat extensions.

Thank you!

Hello. it is possible to integrate with Woocommerce (Integrated for a client that uses Avada theme), but not directly. You need to create a bridge to woocommerce. In one day or so will release a new version of plugin with triggers support, so you can more easy integrate plugin with other plugins without changing plugin code.

Thank you, Ionut.

Hi, can you tell me what the updates were? Do you have a change log? Thanks.

Hello. You can see the biggest changes in plugin screenshot (the ones marked with NEW!!). Also almost all code was rewritten in order to be more reliable and easy to extend for future. Ajax calls are done now trough admin-ajax, the internal wordpress ajax action handler. That makes plugin more secure than was before.

Thank you, Ionut.

Is it integrate with Add to Cart Woocommerce ?

Hello. No, is not, but I`m working on a version that will support Woocommerce too (add to cart, checkout, payment. Registration of domain will need to be made manually).

Thank you, Ionut.

Hi, Purchased plugin yesterday and have had some time to fiddle with it. Works well, so thank you.

However, the validation could be improved as entering illegal characters just returns that the domain is taken rather that the input is bad. Maybe an improvement for a later version.

Hello. I`m glad to read feedback about this plugin. Will take this into account for next update, along with Woocommerce integration.

Hi, we’ve been looking into this plug-in and it looks promising in order to provide our needs. Before we finalize the payment, we would like to have some questions answered.

Since a couple of days, the new .frl extension(s) came available for sale (note: only in one region inside The Netherlands). In collaboration with some other companies, we’ve became resellers of this extension which allows us to use the special made API.

Long story short… would it be possible to integrate a custom API feed into the plug-in? Second, but most important… would I be allowed to modify or extend this plug-in?

From whois server? No, just raw text, like any whois server response.

Oke, I know enough. Thanks for you help!

No problem

It would be really nice if you could place the shortcode in an easy to find location. You make it SO hard to find the shortcode.

Hi, Do you think adding support sales with WooCommerce?


I’m getting the following error with WordPress 4.3.1:

Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0!
Use __construct()

Disabling the Domain checker plugin resolves the issue.

Demo is not working.

Hi, is this software only for Wordpress? no HMTL?

Is this dead, it stopped working for me.

For some reason we get the incorrect alert when activating it. We just moved the website from dev to production. We tried reinstalling but doesn’t work. We had this problem before when you somehow helped fix it.

Could you help us again please?

dead ? if not woocommerce 3.x Support ?

Hi! My Name is Nick, i’m from Milano, Italy.

I want ask you if it’s possible make some change on your code: I need make search for UK firm name: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/ Here you can see some info about API https://developer.companieshouse.gov.uk/api/docs/search-overview/search-overview.html https://developer.companieshouse.gov.uk/api/docs/

Of course if itìs possible i can pay for your time. Tell me if you interested for this work.

Thank you! Nick

Do you know the whois server for Mexico`s domains ( .com.mx and .mx )?

I already tryed the whois server (whois.mx) and the result for every domain to verify is allways Not available

Never mind. I already found the right whois server for Mexico. ( whois.nic.mx ) and the string is “Object_Not_Found”. Thank you, the plugin is working just fine


Can you customize it to notify the website admin when a domain becomes available? Specifically, .ae domains. Please note that the whois query doesn’t return expiry date.


Thank You

Is this only for WP or can i use it with any php site?