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Great script, but I have a simple question. Is there a limit to how many times this can be used per month. Does it make api calls to a website or service that have a limit to the number of calls per month?

No, there is no limit on these calls. You can have any number of calls and it will work every time.

- Mandeep

Looks nice, thinking about it.

Hi there, Is there any doubt, that i can help you with? Any type of concern that is stoping you to buy it?

- Mandeep

A total script like, statmyweb or hypestat with better graphics than what they. And with a admin panel.

And if its like then I’m definitely buying 3 licence of it.Even if the rate is between 15-35 $ per licence.

Think about it. I think you will get more sells with that.

So, make me buy it.

Hi there, I already have something like this in development, it might go live in next few days. In case you need more info, mail me ;) ( - Mandeep

good work, it is possible to add the script SocialStats PHP Class with the same input?

I just bought the 2 scripts, I’ll check if I have a problem I will contact you

very good scripts, good job

I just tested :

thank you very much

Glad that you like it. I have tried to make it as easy to use as i can. :)

I looked at your script… I can’T UNDERSTAND how you get backlinks count.

For example i have more then 600 domains that links to me as 80,000 backlinks as i it is shown in Google Webmaster tools

With this script it says i have 108 backlinks… Something is wrong…

According to Google every page that links to your site is not a backlink. The original method of checking backlinks is to search “” on google and it will show all backlinks for

This is the method that I have used in this script. Also, in webmaster tools google shows sites that links to your domain but they are not said to be backlinks.

- Mandeep

Hi ,my script on :

dont show the correkt dmoz and Yahoo Directory: :-/


Hi there, Please post your support questions in forums. – Mandeep

Great script, clean and easy to understand coding. Very simple implementation into an existing system/script, together with the SocialStats PHP Class.

Thanks for your Feedback. :)

Do your script support banner ad(adsense)

Yes, it does support all kinds of ads.

This looks like a great script, though I have a few questions before I purchase. Does this script break Google’s TOS (by just scraping pagerank and other info from SERP)? If not, can you explain generally how it works? Also is it using a framework like bootstrap or is it just plain html/php? And last one: is it easy to add a part to this that checks keyword rankings for the domain entered?

Hi there, I’m a white hat guy and do not make anything that break any rules. Here I’m just selling PHP Class the demo site is just given for free to get you started and do uses bootstrap but its not required for the class to work.

You can just take the class i.e. only one file which then can be used anywhere you want and it gets data from google toolbars api, this is the standard and the only method that the whole world uses to get page rank.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Alexa rank is no longer working.

Your demo page does not work :(

404 on your demo

Demo Error 404 !!!!

9 months ago … realy?

Fix the demo page and I’ll buy the script