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What do you mean Free License ?

i like to know What do you mean Free License ? is this script encoded? or open source

1000 permitted view count ??


OMG this is one of those springboard “cheapies” to a more expensive feature rich product .

No way Jose

Wheres the thumbs DOWN button !!

Way too many restrictions.

How this reads to me is that after it’s been viewed 1000 times the script is useless? If that’s the case then some of the files must be encoded/protected to prevent buyers from overriding this?

How the hell did this even get approved?

Crap. How did this even get approved by Envato?

Do not judge too soon
Please wait …

All well and good, but what do you get for the PAID version on Codecanyon ?

so, if i buy on codecanyon i get Class 1?

are any files encrypted in the download i get from codacanyon?

I always thought encrypted scripts were not allowed on here?

Think its about time reviewers really inspected the “sales” practice of some authors. This is terrible, whilst I must say it could be a great little slider….

What is the point.

It is about time we rallied for a report an item button

Excuse me,I did not want to disrespect

I have reported this because when i submitted files that had 1 encrypted file in it, it got rejected because of that… you have all encrypted and you got in.

plus dont have restrictions in your script. the licences are there so i can sell it if i add it to my project and stuff.

now is this version encrypted?

No, now you can use this project into your works.

What exactly are you getting for your money.

Preview page looks very iffy.

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