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Pretty neat and simple game! GLWS :)


Nice game. I will buy if capx file is attached. Please confirm. Thanks.

Thanks! Capx inside.


Greate game but about admob.

It is a new rule in UE for that who use the adsense monetization.

The code is this site but how to get is the source code ? Please enter it the site below and read.

Admob – mobile ads system for application compiled on ios/android. Adsense – ads system for websites, here is no adsense in this app.

and we have a problem with share on facebook a 404 from host

Just upload .php for facebook share on your hosting and make changes in source code to make it work. As said in documentation.

hi, How many levels ? Can I change the images ?

Hi only it endless run with 1 level. Yes you can change images

Hi, I bought the game but I can’t find the php file for Facebook. Am I missing something? Thanks.

answered on mail, good luck!

Got it, thanks!

why don’t i receive a clean source code? file c2runtime.js is encripted

I open the .capx file and received the following notify:

Unable to load project

Could not open project ’\\?\C:\Users\Quang Hung Computer\AppData\Local\Temp\capKBS0AF\Dogi Bubble Shooter.caproj’ because it is from a newer version of Construct 2. The project was saved in release 243 or newer. Your current release is 239. Try downloading the latest version of Construct 2 to open this project.


Help me, please!

You opening not .capx, but .caproj which not provided in archive. Should be you shared .capx with somwone who have r243 and he saved it as .caproj and provided to you. Download archive from codecanyon again and open .capx from archive it will opens well. I cant help you downgrade version needed in .caproj as it is not the file provided by me.

It’s OK, I’ve ever installed version R243 and save it :D Thank you very much!

Hi, I noticed that in chrome browser, the bubbles do not drop after 6 shots. Is there some compatibility issue you are working on to fix bug?

Solved via mail