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Hi Pebas,

Just tried your demo version and noticed some problems with some options. The source code box and the paragraph dropdown appear behind the editing box, when I click on them. It makes impossible to change the paragraph text to H1 or h2 etc. Also it is not very convenient when using the source code. Is it already fixed or do you have it in plans?

Thanks for attention!

Best regards,


Hi, we are swamped with another projects so we really do not know when we release the nest update here. Thanks.

Hi there, we are unable to see the preview of the document that we made!!

Use ‘Preview Doc’ after generate docs. Thanks.

Those this version supprot the WP 4.4.1 ?

Yes of course. Thanks.

This plugin is not ready for HTTPS. I had to load my site via HTTP to get the scripts to load.

Disregard. Missed that part.

You can’t have multiple sections with the same name, or the index at the left will not work. Could you convert those anchors to IDs or something instead of the text?

Strange, I see that it does use indices for the HREF. Maybe I’ve done something wrong…

OK, I see. I left the sections empty as I’m just testing everything. It outputs the item to the index at the left, but does not create a corresponding content section.

Hi, May I know with this plugin i no need to create an post right? Can i insert image in every section?

We do not have communication with them, we are more sale department here. Thanks.

Hi, Until I haven’t get any solution for the support team. Please inform them to check the email.

Be patient please. Thanks.

Do you have front-end demo?

We work our all docs in Documente,check: http://goo.gl/3z06gb Thanks.

hi, it can be generate a pdf file download? tks

hi, other question: if i use sidebar inside page that i will show de document, the layout is ‘liquid’ in format, or be broken… must be in full width page?? need any exclusive theme?

No need exclusive theme and yes it is full width but you can limit width with CSS. Thanks.

After using this item for quite some time I clicked Save All and it completely deleted all of my sections. :/

Sorry to hear but we need more details, use support forum please, thanks.

Not really any other details to provide. Had a dedicated install of WP just for 1 doc. Been using it for a long time. Clicked Save All after making some changes and it deleted everything (all content, sections, etc). It managed to keep all of the top info, but everything else was deleted. I had a (fairly) recent backup, but am opting to go with a different approach to maintaining my docs now.


Does it have search function?


Thanks for the suggestion, we appreciate it!


It seems something is wrong with your demo site. View function doesn’t work, and I cannot view how created documentation looks like. By the way, what language’s documentation does your plug-in make? English or all language? Do you use UTF-8 encoding in it?


We’ll check it out. Example of created documentation you can see here: http://powerthemes.club/docs/wp-content/plugins/documente/documentations/price_compare_documentation/

All languages are supported.