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great and fantastic!.. a Question.. Users documentation are separatly?..One user can not see another user documentation, its that correct?? or this work only for teams?...

Hi Venewood,

This system allows you to create documentation for multiple projects- the user system is shared between all projects/documents. So this system is better to use separately for each “team” of users.

I hope that makes sense.


Hello interested in buying this script however, once you build the documentation can you download it or is there a link where I would like my viewers to look at the documentation?:)


You can link to the live version of your documentation and give that to your users. It’s called the Client View. Here’s an example of it:

Hope that helps :)

Your live demo doesn’t seem to work unfortunately

Hi Jakey2200,

The live demo seems to work for me okay. What error are you experiencing?


Friend, etnho a system and would like to use this to serve as an extension, however need to open it within my inside has an iframe for example but without having to put password, since the user already put password to enter the mine, has how to do this ? buying your system vc indicate me how to do?


I am not quite sure what you mean. Your question doesn’t make too much sense but I’ll try to answer:

This is a standalone system and has it’s own user system. To integrate it into your own you’ll need to do your own custom coding.

Friend takes it opens without the need for a password only user, or you teach me how to remove the login password?

Just purchased, having trouble installing.. I followed the documentation , but when I visit the url , it times out

Could you please help me?

Fixed it myself :) i’d like to see the following features in the documentation editor • Embeded youtube / vimeo / soundcloud options • Center / Align Tags • Color text options

I know it’s possible through the source editor , but it’s tedious CKEditor seems to be an outdated version , correct?

I’d also like to suggest auto-saving of the ckeditor , I’ve run other websites which use it , and lost tons of data because the editor / webpage crashed

Nice script so far!

Hi Jakey,

Glad you got your issue sorted!

I believe the script is using the latest CKEditor version (4.8). To add those tags like youtube/vimeo/ etc I think it requires adding plugins or enabling plugins. I’ll do some research into this for you and see how easy it is to implement.

Auto-Saving I’ll look into also- I think this is likely to be a little more difficult simply because it requires saving “draft” versions of documents but it is definitely something I can consider.

Thanks so much for your feedback so far! It’s really going to help make the product better :)

Hi, great and awesome.

A question: it’s possible to avoid the client/view/ directory with the name of the project ?

for example now it’s: mydoc/client/view/1 and I would like to have mydoc/myproject/



Whilst not built into the system, it is possible to do with some code modification:

This guide talks about CodeIgniter’s routing system and how you can change it.

Since the script relies on the ID of the project, rather than the name, you’d have to make some code changes to the client side script to grab the name from the URL and convert it into getting the project that way.

How can I change what files can be uploaded as attachments? Doesn’t allow .zip files , exe files or a few other files which I need

Please get back to me asap!

Never mind , even after adding the extensions in the admin settings , it still doesn’t allow those files to be uploaded

Any help??

Hi Jakey,

Apologies, but I’m currently on vacation. I’ll be back in the office on Monday and I’ll try and help you out as soon as possible! Feel free to send me an email with the details of all your information and I’ll get to helping you as soon as I can.

My wifi here is very poor so I apologise for any inconvienience.


Presale question, can one remove the registration page? If for example I want to use the script as a ‘help’ path for my website, I wouldn’t want a user to register first before logging in. (e.g


You can disable registration via the Admin Panel.

Hope that helps!

I’ve added it to my collection

is there a possibility to add markdown support to the Add new documentation, add new article function


The system uses normal HTML by default, using the visual editor CKEditor. We don’t have any plans to change this at the moment. Thanks

The image you are attempting to upload doesn’t fit into the allowed dimensions.


The default image dimensions I believe are 100×100. But I can change or remove this for you if you like. Send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you out.


i see that there is an email system buat i can not see an smtp setting at your how can i change the email system? thanks


These settings can be modified in the config file of the system :)

OK, purchased and checking it out and it looks pretty good however just trying to work something out. At the moment the client area seems to be public… If I wanted to have the client area accessible only to logged in users and those logged in users are only able to view the docs from the group they belong to… is that possible?


You can achieve this by adding a simple line of code to the application/controllers/Client.php script in the __construct() function:

if(!$this->user->loggedin) { redirect(site_url(“login”)); }

This will redirect the user to the login form if they are not logged in when viewing the client area.

Let me know if that helps :)

awesome script! Congratulations :D



nishmau Purchased

Hey Patchesoft,

amazing script.. i two queries: 1. Is there a way where in i can give client view user verification… Currently, if I change the project number I can see document of the other project…

2. Is there a way through which i can do A record routing for which will point to my actual installation server and return client view from project 1…

please advice..


Hi nishmau,

1) I’m not 100% sure what you require here. All admins can see all projects/documents, it’s not really a system for multiple users to manage separate closed off documents, rather a system for them to manage all documents if that makes sense.

2) There isn’t any kind of this functionality currently, apologies!

Let me know if I can help you anymore :)

Great app, I only miss one thing in the documentation module… subdocuments or categories. I think It would be tidier to allow chapters and documents… so that related documents in the documentation are grouped instead of a full index in the menu. For example “getting started -> setup” “Getting started -> manage accounts”.

Hi Mitokondrium,

Sounds like a great idea. I’ll have to see about implementing something like this in the future :)

Hi, it’s possible create plan & pricing to new users like a SaaS model?

Currently this isn’t possible at the moment :)

Looks interesting

Tell me how to combine two projects? I would like to have a TITAN – Project Management System AND Documentation Builder. that would write documentation for projects. And WIKI.


Currently this isn’t possible without making some modifications to the system.

Great script! I tested the live demo, and noticed 2 issues:

1. Big problem with user permissions: All user roles can edit Projects, Documents & KB Articles, even if they don’t have those permissions. (tested with Member Manager & Document Manager roles)

2. News items should be sorted from newest to oldest

Hi globalweb23,

Thanks for that! I’ve identified the glitch and just fixed it now.

2) I’ll definitely consider doing this in a future update :)

Was the permissions bug fixed in the downloadable files? I’m still getting it… Please let me know what changes to make to fix this in existing installation.

Also, in the Admin area the KnowledgeBase Categories are not visible for admin user, but visible to other users. And disabling registration doesn’t hide the “Register An Account” button from login page.

Hi brands2go,

The update isn’t yet live in the files. If you send me an email, I can fix it for you and check out those other bugs you reported.